FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones

FiiO has always produced high quality products for a relatively cheap price. So, I’m interested to try out FiiO’s new Bluetooth earphones, the FB1. At 40 bucks, these buds are really cheap. But do they sound cheap? Or will FiiO once again blow us away with a great sounding headphone? Let’s find out in this FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review.

FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

IN the BOX – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

3 pairs of ear tips (s,m,l)

USB charging cable

Soft carrying pouch

FIT and DESIGN – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The FiiO FB1 are comfortable and very easy to pop in. More important, they stay in. FiiO employed an effective ergonomic design using rubber tips that fit to the contour of your ear. They almost feel like plungers against your ear. Rest assured, you can do back flips after a sweaty run, and these buds won’t fall out. The tips also come in a bunch of different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit. The sound isolation isn’t fantastic, but that’s a good thing if you like walking into traffic.

The FiiO FB1 supports aptX technology, which gives you superior Bluetooth transmission – CD quality – with compatible devices. (Sorry, iPhone users). The battery life is about 8 hours, which is on the higher end of standard for wireless earphones. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. The cable has a mic and 3 button remote with the usual functions; play/pause, volume, skip and call answering.

SOUND – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Wow. I can’t believe these babies are so cheap. Firstly, the volume on the FB1 is fantastic for wireless earphones at this price point. Usually, they don’t get loud enough for folks who like to really rock out.

Bass heads will be thrilled too. FiiO went with a big, subby bass that reverberates like an earthquake. And as bassy as the lows are, they don’t muddy the rest of the mix too much; the clarity is decent on these buds. So, the FB1 gives bass-heavy brands like JBL a serious run for their money. Apart from the powerful bass, the FB1 is really really snappy too. So, pop, hip-hop and EDM are a ton of fun to listen to. And because of the full mid range, big rock choruses also sound great, though the upper mids are a little harsh at times. The highs are a bit piercing on certain tracks, but as long as you don’t listen to Miles Davis, you should be fine. I’m also impressed by the soundstage, which is pretty wide for a wireless headphone.

SUMMARY – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

There’s not much to think about here. These buds are incredible for the price. For 40 bucks, you won’t find a better fitting or better sounding headphone.

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SPECIFICATIONS – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Type: Dynamic (13mm)

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.1

Bluetooth Protocol: aptX, AAC, SBA

Play Time: 8 hrs

Power Supply DC 5V 500mA

Charging Time: 2 hrs


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