FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

Bluetooth headphone amps are getting smaller and smaller. And the uBTR is the cutest and cheapest one I’ve seen yet. But what are its capabilities in terms of power and sound quality? And how does it differ from FiiO’s first release, the BTR1? Let’s find out in this FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP review.

FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

A quick note in case you’re confused: why is the uBTR half the price of the BTR1?

  • The BTR1 has a DAC, while the uBTR does not. Both, the BTR1 and the uBTR are simply labeled as a “Bluetooth Headphone AMP” on the packaging. But on FiiO’s website, there’s no mention of a DAC in the uBTR. If you guys find out otherwise, shoot us an e-mail.
  • The uBTR has a bit less power than the BTR1.

DESIGN – FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

This thing is tiny. In fact, it’s almost the same width and length of my pinky finger. I love the minimalist design. White and sleek, it could pass for an Apple product. Made from glossy plastic, it’s also incredibly light. The uBTR has an attached clip, which you should use or lose.

In terms of portability, the best thing about the uBTR is the mic. Some of us audiophiles have to make calls around here! The functions are simply designed, but can do quite a lot; play/pause, control volume, skip forward/back, answer calls, and dial through voice activation.

This baby also has an impressive 9 hours of battery life. And it only requires 1 hour of charging. (USB C – USB cable included). That’s a longer battery life than many other more expensive Bluetooth amplifiers out there.

POWER – FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

The uBTR has just enough power to drive up to a 32 Ohm headphone. So, if you mainly use in-ear headphones, you should have more than enough amplification. And even the Audio-Technica M50X, for example, would be sufficiently powered. If you have an over-ear headphone, just check its impedance before buying.

SOUND – FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

Comparing the uBTR with a regular iPhone input, I heard some noticeable differences. The uBTR did a very good job of broadening the soundstage. It also sharpened the sound a bit, making music feel tighter. It was punchier and delivered more presence in the bass and high frequency range. Certainly, impressive for the price.

SUMMARY – FiiO uBTR Bluetooth Headphone AMP Review

For 27 bucks, you won’t get a better deal in terms of sound, aesthetic design and functionality. If you’re on a tight budget and can do without a DAC, this one’s a no brainer.

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