Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review


Final Audio has really proven themselves to be one of the top manufacturers of audiophile quality headphones and earphones. The Sonorous series closed back headphones all have incredible sound quality and span a wide range of price ranges for different budgets. They also make some of the best sounding earphones… from the E2000 to the Piano Forte X-G.

Their latest creation is quite an interesting and sophisticated looking headphone. It’s called the Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Open Back Headphone. I’ve been anxious to give this headphone an extended listen and review ever since I got a first glimpse (and quick listen) of it at the 2017 AES Convention. Well I finally have one for review. It’s time to take a look and see if the D8000 headphone lives up to the high-end reputation of the previous Final Audio headphone lines.


In The Box – Accessories

  • D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • Sturdy metal headphone stand
  • 1.5 meter cable with 3.5mm plug (1/8″)
  • 3 meter cable with 6.3mm plug (1/4″)
Final Audio D8000 - Contents in the box
Final Audio D8000 – Contents in the box (headphone stand not pictured)

Features and Technology

The Final Audio D8000 is their first planar magnetic audiophile headphone but in typical “Final Audio fashion” they took it a step further. The D8000 was developed with an AFDS style planar magnetic driver. As Final Audio describes it, AFDS is an “Air Filter Dampening System” that actually significantly improves the amplitude and clarity of bass frequencies that can often be weak or overpowering in many planar headphones.

Final Audio D8000 AFDS comparison chart
Final Audio D8000 AFDS comparison chart

The D8000 is also built and designed like an audiophile headphone with serious listeners in mind. Not only is it a one of a kind open-back planar magnetic headphone but Final Audio uses a machined aluminum magnesium alloy housing making it durable yet sturdy. The D8000 is engineered with incredibly soft earpads designed to be comfortable and “breathable”. This allows the headphone to be worn for long listening sessions but the open-back design also let a little of the bass dissipate giving it full, yet not overwhelming low-end.

One other very intuitive feature about the Final Audio D8000 headphone is that it’s literally designed to last a very long time. Perhaps a lifetime even. Nearly every part on the D8000 is designed so it can be disassembled for repairs, replacement parts and maybe even improved upgrades in the future. And the truth is… you may never need to repair or replace anything on this headphone. It’s really a brilliant feature in a headphone that I personally think many other headphone companies should implement.

Final Audio D8000 is designed for easy repair
Final Audio D8000 is designed for easy repair and upgrade
All New Final Audio Audiophile Headphone
The Final D8000 Planar Magnetic headphone with AFDS technology

How’s Does the D8000 Sound?

Final Audio is serious about audio. The Sonorous series headphones are some of my favorites because of the solid build, comfort and of course the pleasant sound signatures. But the D8000 Planar Magnetic headphone is a totally new thing for Final Audio so although my expectations are high I didn’t know if they could really compete with some of the “top dogs” in the open-back planar magnetic headphone market. But I gave it a thorough test with my favorite iFi Pro iCAN amplifier and here’s what I found.

Sound Signature – Lows, Mids, Highs and Soundstage

Starting with the bass, the D8000 delivered on the promise of an impressive, well-rounded bass response. It seems that Final Audio may be on to something with their AFDS technology.

The mid-frequencies on the D8000 were exceptional. It sometimes tough to describe mids in a headphone unless they’re tweaked up in an unpleasant way or dulled to death. The Final Audio D8000 has a sort of warm yet still crisp mid-range. It’s a similar sound quality that you’d find in the Sennheiser HD 800 S.

The top-end on the D8000 has a similar quality as the mids. It has that beautiful presence that you want in an audiophile headphone without the overcompensation in the high frequencies that you find in a lot of popular audiophile planar magnetic headphones. It’s clean, crisp and brings out qualities in your music that you just don’t get in other headphones.

The soundstage was quite interesting when listening to the D8000. I spent quite a long time with this headphone sampling music I know well. The result was a beautiful amount of soundstage that left me quite satisfied and impressed. I’ve definitely heard a few high-end headphones that have a wider soundstage but I must say the D8000 opened up tracks incredibly well.

Final Audio D8000 Open Back Audiophile Headphones
Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Open Back Audiophile Headphones

Final Assessment

The Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Open-Back Audiophile headphone is quite possibly the best new headphone of the year. It’s a brand new feel and sound that left me wanting to listen to music for hours. If you’re an audiophile like me looking for that headphone that isn’t designed to totally level the mix and sacrifice bass for the sake of a “reference style sound signature” I suggest you seriously consider the Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic headphone. It’s comfortable, sounds brilliant and features a unique balance of bass at the same time, and can really push some amazing sound with the right amp. It’s a bit pricey at just under $3800 but it’s definitely one of my favorite headphones of the year so far.

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Housing: Aluminum magnesium alloy
Driver: AFDS Planar Magnetic
Sensitivity: 98dB/mW
Impedance 60 Ohms
Weight: 523 grams (1.15 lbs)
Cord Lengths: 1.5m (4.9 feet) / 3m (9.8 feet)

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