Lively and Realistic – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

Final Audio E4000 Earphones Best Audiophile Earphones

When I first heard that Final Audio was releasing their E4000 earphones, I was psyched! It’s predecessor, the Final Audio E3000, came out last year and blew audiophile away with it’s wonderfully detailed and dynamic sound for just $55. Now, I’m super excited to hear and report how the E4000 performs. Is it work the price jump at $149? Today I’ll try to find out with this Final Audio E4000 earphones review.

Lively and Realistic – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

In the Box – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

-Final Audio E4000 earphones

-removeable MMCX cable (with 3.5 mm connector)

-eartips (small, small-medium, medium, large, and extra large)


-silicone carrying pouch



Specifications – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

-driver: 6.4 mm dynamic driver

-connector: MMCX

-cable: OFC cable

-sensitivity: 97 dB

-impedance: 15 ohms

Design – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

Comfort and Fit

Like the E3000, the Final Audio E4000 has small and narrow housings. These housings are light and super compact, and they happen to fit extremely well for my small ears. Additionally, they have a minimalist, classy look to them, a rare feat in the audiophile earphone world. They come with a number of eartips which are different sizes and are comfortable themselves. I was sort of able to forget the earphones were in my ears. Once you create the seal in your ear, they are quite sound isolating.

Additionally, the cable of the Final Audio E4000 is super manageable at 1.2 m. It’s not too long and not too short. I’m not often bothered by cable noise, but for those that are, Final Audio included earhooks. These earhooks help eliminate cable noise, and are a nice feature for those who prefer an over-the-ear fit.

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The driver housings of the Final Audio E4000 are made of machined aluminum, making them strong and lightweight. Additionally, the cable is detachable so if it happened to break, you could just replace the cable rather than replacing the earphones themselves. The earphones include MMCX connectors so one could use a third party cable.

Best Audiophile Earphone Final Audio E4000

Sound – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

Low Frequencies

Listening to Oddisee’s song, You Grew Up, the bass line was clear but not overpowering. The Final Audio E4000 has balanced lows that are dynamic, punchy, and realistic sounding. Bass drums, bass, guitars, bass synths, cellos, and pianos all have nice impact without stepping on each other. Additionally, it has sub frequency energy, which provides nice separation between the low frequencies and low-middle frequencies.

Middle Frequencies

The midrange of the Final Audio E4000 is active and dynamic. As a result, it is remarkably emotionally impactful. Additionally, it is full and really captures the full harmonics of pianos, guitars, and strings. As I was listening to Johann Christoph Fredrich Bach’s Symphony in D Minor, I noticed the strings felt energetic, rich, detailed, and airy. They still felt separate from the clavichord.

High Frequencies

I was amazed by the high frequencies of the Final Audio E4000 earphones because they are detailed but not sibilant or harsh at all. For example, when I was listening to Jenny Lewis’s song, Acid Tongue, there was still plenty of detail in the occasional raspiness of her voice. However, it was not harsh when she would hit hard consonants like t’s and s’s.

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The sound stage of the Final Audio E4000 earphones had a great sense of height because of low frequency and high frequency extension. Additionally, it had a remarkable sense of width. Both earpieces seem to be perfectly in-sync with each other so things are really easy to place in the stereo field from left-to-right. For example, St. Vincent’s song, Sugarboy, really places the different background vocals throughout the tune in their spaces in depth apart from the lead vocal.

Final Audio E4000 Buy Best Earphones

Overview – Final Audio E4000 Earphones Review

Overall, the sound of the Final Audio E4000 earphones are lively and realistic, and smooth. They are comfortable and light, and work for all genres of music.

The Final Audio E4000 is available at the best price here:

Final Audio E4000 at Audio 46

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