Final Audio Launch New ZE8000 MK2 True Wireless Earbuds & UX2000 ANC Headphones

The Japanese manufacturer has two new wireless products to cap off the year. Both products are updated to a line started earlier this year with the ZE8000 and the UX3000. One is more of an update in the ZE8000 MK 2, while the UX2000 is a brand new headphone for their expanding catalog. With the true wireless line, Final looks to expand on their 8K sound, as well as improve comfortability. The UX2000 looks to add another ANC headphone that costs even less than the UX3000 at $119. Here is more of what you can expect from Final Audio’s latest Bluetooth products.

ZE8000 MK2

With the ZE8000 MK2, Final has made significant improvements for an all-new user experience. Including new ‘Shield Fin’ ear tips for improved comfort and increased passive sound isolation, enhanced signal-to-noise ratio for greater detail retrieval and improved ‘8K Sound’, the ability to deactivate ANC and other noise control settings, and a maximum volume increase of 5dB.

Development of the ZE8000 MK2 has enabled the evolution of Final’s ‘8K Sound’ feature. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio through hardware and software interventions provides a clearer perception of ‘8K Sound’, extracting more detail and musical nuance from recordings.
“As a concise and concrete example to convey this evolution, we consider the ZE8000 MK2 as earphones that immerse you in the orchestra.” – Final.
The ZE8000 MK2 hardware and software improvements have provided fertile ground for more efficient integration of ‘8K Sound’, ensuring more faithful reproduction of recorded instruments and their unique timbre. This ability to faithfully and vividly reproduce the balance of recorded instruments extends to all music genres, elevating the listening experience by significantly increasing the amount of information in the sound.


  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: Equipped with a sophisticated system that effectively cancels external noises for a serene listening experience.
  • Gaming Mode with Low-Latency: Specially designed for gamers, providing synchronized audio with on-screen action for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Up to 45 Hours of Music Playback: Offers substantial playback time, ideal for long commutes, work sessions, or gaming marathons.
  • Multi-Fit Housing Structure: Adjustable in multiple directions for a perfect fit, ensuring comfort even during extended use.
  • Fingerprint-Proof Matte Finish: The body of the device features a matte finish, making it resistant to fingerprints and oil, and ensuring that it doesn’t easily show dirt.
  • Foldable Design for Compact Storage: The headphones can be folded into a compact form making them convenient to carry.

New for the UX2000 is its low-latency gaming mode, making it an ideal companion for gamers who demand synchronized, high-quality audio. Developed by Final, this mode also benefits users while watching movies, music videos, or their favorite online content – perfectly syncing lip movements with voice and action scenes with its sound effects for highly engaging viewing.

The Final Audio ZE8000 MK2 and the UX2000 will be available at Audio46.

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