Final Audio Sonorous II Review

Final Audio Sonorous II Review

These days, $300 will score you some amazing headphones.  From manufacturers like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, and others, impressive offerings abound.  But the Final Audio Sonorous II, at $329, might just take the figurative cake.

Final Audio Sonorous II Review

Final Audio Sonorous II Review

The Sonorous II comes with a removable 5 ft (1.5 m) headphone cable and a user manual.  All other bells and whistles have been ignored, but this baby still delivers class and sophistication.

Construction is solid.  Light but substantial in one’s hands, this headphone sports thick aluminum extenders and soft pleather padding on the earcups and headband.  As a result, comfort will strike you as top-notch, with the headphones easily adjusting to fit any head – even my giant, oversized supervillain noggin.


Frequency Range:  NA
Impedance:  16 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL):  105 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  NA

As revealed by our specs, Final Audio doesn’t rate the Frequency Range or Total Harmonic Distortion.  However, if I had to guess, I’d peg the Frequency range close to standard, with a bit of an extended low end  – something like 16-24,000 Hz.  Total Harmonic Distortion has got to be low – probably <0.2%, if not lower.  Impedance is an efficient 16 ohms, making these cans a natural pairing for smartphones and other portable devices.  Finally, a Sound Pressure Level of 105 dB means adequate volume won’t be an issue.

Low End

Final Audio delivers a strong and vibrant low end here, with tons of detail and good control.  The lack of bleed in the low end compliments a powerful bass that never oversteps its role.  Suffice to say, this low end remains articulate no matter what you throw at it.


In the midrange, the detail continues in abundance.  An overwhelming sense clarity and definition expands on this detail, and the sound is sharp and contrasting.  For vocals or instrumentation, the mids remain rich and clean without distortion or compression.

High End

Not too bright, the high end actually seems a tad rolled-off, with a smoother character that demands a love-it-or-hate-it response.  While the smoother vocals will win over plenty of converts, classical fans may find some nuances missing from the very high end.  Especially where high-pitched strings are concerned, the Sonorous II may under-deliver just the slightest bit.


Impressive depth and ample placement result in a captivating soundstage.  Every instrument – every tone – occupies an appropriate space around you as you listen.  While the closed-back design of the Sonorous II has its obvious limitations here, the overarching sense of detail only adds to that intense sense of realism.

Other Observations

Again, such comfort.  I could spend two or three hours with these things on and never feel a thing.  Even for more intense critical listening, ear fatigue isn’t a problem.

There’s something at play in that low end.  Something special, deep and resonant.  The Sonorous II obviously boasts one of the better low ends at this price point.  Control is just astounding, and working hand-in-hand with that wealth of detail to deliver one amazing listening experience.


Final Audio doesn’t seem to command the same attention among juveniles as some other brands.  So if you need bragging rights among your fellow music fans, by all means opt for something of similar price from another manufacturer.  As mentioned before, offerings from Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and others will all offer a modicum of decent sound.

Really, though, the only reason to pass up the Final Audio Sonorous II is if you’re dying to hear tons of nuanced detail in the high end.  If that’s the case, I’d recommend the Audio Technica M70X.  Though lacking in low end detail, this headphone may offer a substantial improvement in the high end.

For everyone else, stop fooling yourself and give this baby a listen.  The Sonorous II offers the best listening experience at this price range, with more detail and more depth than any other model.  To boot, it doesn’t come with a bunch of junk accessories and it actually looks classy.

Final Analysis

At $329, the Final Audio Sonorous II pits itself against plenty of competitors.  But with tons of detail and a rich, emotive sound, this headphone leaves those competitors in the dust.  So, whether you’re looking for that last headphone to add to your collection or you need one headphone to cover all of your casual listening needs, the Sonorous II has you covered.

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