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It’s been a while since Final Audio released their first foray into true wireless with their collaboration with Neon Genisis Evangelion. The EVA 2020 proved to be more than its gimmick, with a sound that stands up to some of the best on the market today. Now, Final Audio looks to start the year off strong with their own true wireless without brand recognition. The ZE3000 is a new series of true wireless earphones from Final that goes for $149.99. Does it stand up to its name?

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What You Get

  • Charging Case
  • final “TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition” SS / S / M / L / LL 5 sizes
  • USB Type C Charging Cable

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Look and Feel

One of the ZE3000 first major improvements in its charging case, which forgoes the bulky toy-like design for a slimmer appearance. It’s a lightweight, plastic case, but it is way easier to manage when carrying it around in your pocket. The earphones themselves take their build from other popular Final Audio IEMs like the A-series and B-series. This style of housing is one of my favorite types of fit for an in-ear design, as it provides such a natural level of comfort, easily aligning with your concha. This makes for one of the best fits for a true wireless earphone and rivals that of some of the current leaders in the market.

Final Audio Case Open

Design and Functionality

When Final Audio released the A3000 and A4000, they introduced an f-core driver, which the ZE3000 incorporates. This f-core design has been developed specifically for true wireless, featuring a special resin and a diaphragm made from flexible silicone. Its construction helps significantly reduce distortion and improves accuracy. There are also two acoustic chambers on the front and back of the device that better help relegate the signal for a more natural output supported by pressure optimization within its housing.

Final Audio tries for a touch-sensitive interface this time around, and they mostly knock it out of the park. Even with its ridged surface, the sensors are incredibly responsive albeit a bit oversensitive at times activating when I didn’t mean for it to activate. Whether it’s a phone call or music playback, the ZE3000 performs its actions consistently even with a short delay in its response. You get a good feedback tone to know the function is active, giving you a reliable hands-free experience.

Final Audio case closed


The ZE3000 offers Bluetooth 5.2 with supported CODECs like AAC, Qualcomm aptX, and aptX Adaptive. Pairing the earphones is quick and easy, but the mono mode sometimes interfered with the pairing process.

Battery Life

Off of a single charge, the ZE3000 can last you through 7 hours of playtime. When including the charging case, you can enjoy up to 35 hours of playback time. For the price, the battery here does enough to not be detrimental to the experience.

Final Audio front


Final Audio is most reliable when it comes to delivering a wide soundstage no matter the type of product. When I reviewed the EVA 2020, I was impressed by the imaging, as it reminded me of how their E series IEM felt. Now with the ZE3000 taking even more notes from that series, this true wireless accomplishes more than its predecessor with an even more expansive width and even more transparency.

With the ZE3000 I immediately felt the span of its ability when listening to “Smile Like You Mean It” by The Killers. The separation of the synth and guitar tracks appeared as if they existed outside of the earphone’s shell. I also felt like the size of the actual sound elements was greater this time around, although this is still more of a linear experience with little wrap-around. No matter, because the ZE3000 still conveys its layers clearly, and with plenty of space between sound elements. It lacks height, but the ZE3000 makes up for it with a sense of accuracy and precision.

Low End

With the ZE3000, most of its driving power comes from its mid-bass, which emanates with quick sharpness and liveliness. It delivers an effective punch that makes any track appear like its full of energy without bleeding into the midrange, showcasing a tight response that’s a lot more griping. The ZE3000 doesn’t require a ton of help from the sub-bass either, and while it would be nice to have that extra helping to add to the overall fullness of the low-end, the timbre doesn’t require its effect. You miss that feeling in your jaw, but the bass still creates its own fullness that feels a lot more clean and natural. There’s rarely a dull moment with this low-end, and that makes the ZE3000 all the more worth it.


The ZE3000’s level of fidelity resonates in the midrange, with few notches and some rich details. You get a great level of clarity here for true wireless, with enough power behind it to reveal its best attributes. Frequencies here feature a noticeable accent to some tones, providing an engaging emphasis on instrumentals that make them pop. It gives the timbre some nice coloration while maintaining a level of clarity that enforces the sound signatures grasp on its details. Vocals sit naturally in each mix, and the ZE3000 gives them the room they need to perform their true clarity. Its presence reflects a heightened sound signature that features a commanding personality that gives the ZE3000 its own flavor.


Unlike the rest of the sound signature, the treble doesn’t stick out as much, but still provides good balance and fullness to the timbre. You get the notion that the highs are there without any significant coloration. This delivers a more natural clarity while keeping the frequencies more flat and even. Some tracks offer good extension but the details are not as flavorful as the bass or mids. Mid-highs feature the most coloration, but the results are less gripping than the other ranges of frequency. However, this doesn’t retract anything from the ZE3000’s sense of fidelity, as the treble still exceeds in performing an easy-to-consume tonality that benefits any track you play.


Many true wireless earphones get released throughout the year, and Final Audio has already set a standard that’s going to be hard to beat. The ZE3000 offers a level of sound fidelity that’s rarely heard on most Bluetooth products, providing detail and clarity that resembles more of what you’re used to hearing on some of their best IEMs.¬† For $149.99 you can’t get another true wireless earphone quite like it.

Pros  Cons
  • Wide soundstage
  • Punchy bass
  • Full mids
  • Balanced treble
  • Responsive controls
  • Great fit
  • Linear imaging

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The Final Audio ZE3000 is available at Audio46.

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