Fostex Announce T60RP 50th Anniversary Edition

Based on the T60RP 50th-anniversary edition, the T60RP has a new RP sound profile tuned to precise specifications. It’s made with durable African Padauk wood and produced in a Japanese factory, with meticulous assembly and acoustic adjustments.

Main Features

Housing made of African Padauk
The housing is made of African Padauk wood, prized for its rich reddish hue and excellent qualities. It is also known for being hard, dense, dimensionally stable, and having a beautiful surface, making it a preferred choice for crafting musical instruments like xylophones and guitars. Combined with the RP diaphragm, it provides an immersive listening experience with
deep mid-low tones and extended clear high frequency.
Two types of ear-pads
The package includes two types of ear pads: synthetic leather and velour. You can switch
them out based on your preference. These around-the-ear pads are designed for comfort,
allowing enjoyable extended listening sessions.
*The headphones come with synthetic leather ear pads pre-installed when shipped.
Fostex’s traditional RP diaphragm
It has the RP (Regular Phase) planar diaphragm, made from a durable polyimide film
with high heat resistance, etched with copper foil for improved performance. The driver unit,
featuring a neodymium magnet, offers exceptional linearity across the entire frequency range,
excellent transient response, and a high input resistance of up to 3,000mW.


  • Type: Semi-open RP Dynamic
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 92dB/mW
  • Max Input: 3,000mW
  • Freq. response: 15 – 35 kHz
  • Weight: Approx.450g (excluding cable)
  • Accessories:
    • ・Φ3.5mm (4-pole) toΦ3.5mm (3-pole) stereo phone cable (1.5m) x 1pc
      ・Φ3.5mm to Φ6.3mm stereo phone conversion connector x 1pc
      Velour ear-pads x 1pair
      Sticker x 1pc
      Owner’s Manual x 1pc

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