GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review, Budget-Friendly Cans

GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Budget-friendly wireless headphones that provide quality sound in a durable frame can be hard to find. We’ve come across Amazon’s GEG Audio offering a pair that can provide just that. Read our “GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review” for more details.

GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review, Budget-Friendly Cans


GEG Audio ships these cans in a small, lightweight box. The headphones are nestled inside of a cardboard frame along with a micro USB charging cable and a detachable audio cable.

Build & Design

GEG-N05 is built for commuters. The headset is very lightweight and comfortable. The headband is lined on the top with a smooth, rubber-like fabric while the underbelly is padded and lined with textured fabric.

The ear cushions are pretty comfortable overall and fit over my entire ear. They are lined with a soft leather and stuffed with what feels like a very fluffy pillow. Though, on the flip side, the ear cups are connected to the headband in a manner that applies more pressure towards the top of the ear cups and not enough on the bottom. Don’t get me wrong, these headphones provide a pretty good seal, but I think there is room for improvement. By design, the shape of the frame and lack of pressure on the bottom also makes for a weird fit, but the cushion-y ear pads help to alleviate the situation. The ear cups do offer some mobility and easily swivel left to right and easily glide along the extenders.

GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review

As for the design, GEG Audio went with an exposed wire design, reminiscent of Sennheiser HD 1, but black-on-black and less premium materials which makes this headphone more affordable. GEG-N05 also features an exposed cable between the extenders and ear cups, but their cable is coiled. Lastly, the entire frame is collapsible, which is very efficient for on-the-go travel.


Like any other Bluetooth headset, GEG-N05 is fit with a multifunction button to pause/play music and answer/end calls in addition to volume controls. The headphones also include a detachable cable. It unfortunately is a standard aux and does not include an in-line remote and mic.


Audio is much better than I anticipated – exhibiting a bass line that has a great deal of depth with a nice kick to it. I’m a fan! The mids are present, but not as pronounced and detailed as I’d prefer. The upper mids and highs sound quite lovely, TBH. There’s clarity and a nice degree of separation. The highs, including treble, female vocals, synths, cymbals, etc did a good job of retaining their body at higher volumes – no tinny audio here. As for the overall listening experience, I like it for a $65 wireless headphone, but I wouldn’t complain for a tad more fullness across the frequency response range.

GEG-N05 Bluetooth Headphones Review


Impedance: 32 ohms

Sound Pressure Level: 115 ± 3db

Frequency Response Range: 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz

Bluetooth: 4.1

Battery Life: 14 hours


These headphones are a good purchase for pretty comfortable, wireless cans under the $100 mark. GEG-N05 can be found at the best price on Amazon.

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