Google Bisto Headphones May Be Google’s Version of AirPods

Google Bisto Headphones May Be Google's Version of AirPods
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Google’s making a pair of headphones and they are allegedly Apple AirPods’ new rival. Meet  Google Bisto headphones.

Google Bisto Headphones May Be Google’s Version of AirPods

According to a report sourced by 9to5Google, the California-based tech giant looks to be creating/planning a headphone equipped with a voice assistant called Bisto. 9to5Google drew this conclusion after decompiling Google 7.10 app. In doing so, they found lines of code that actually reveal hints about future updates. The code first appeared in the 7.0 Google app update but disappeared. Based off of the following breadcrumb, 9to5Google suspects Google will launch an assistant named Bisto in some sort of headphone.

<string name=”bisto_magic_pairing_assistant_prop_text”>”Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.”</string>

Seeing as one of Google’s major competitors dropped a pair of truly wireless earbuds that also act as a mobile assistant we can’t help but think Bisto may be Google’s own take on truly wireless earbuds.

Other breadcrumbs indicate that the truly wireless earbuds might actually be an over-ear headphone with physical buttons. For example:

<string name=”bisto_device_oem_partner_app_summary”>Additional settings for your headphones</string> <string name=”bisto_device_oem_partner_app_title” />

<string name=”expand_bundle4_2″>Press the Google Assistant button.</string>

<string name=”expand_bundle_2″>Press and hold the top button.</string>

<string name=”announcement_queue_stop_prompt”>You can stop this briefing at any time – just press and hold the bottom button.</string>

According to the 7.10 app code interpreted via 9to5Google, Bisto will also be able to listen, understand, and route verbal commands while notifications can be heard by pushing a button so as not to disrupt you unless instructed to do so. Additional lines of code indicate the headphones allow for users to hear a “notification chime” when they receive a new alert as well as hear the time and the current battery level for the headphones. Plus, Google’s headset will be able to receive OTA firmware updates.

For now, these are all conclusions about Google Bisto headphones drawn from interpretation and Google 7.10 app code outlined above. We will keep an ear out and let you know of any new developments.

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