Grado Just Upgraded Their Top Selling Headphones X Series

Grado x headphones
Grado new X series headphones

GRADO RELEASES THE NEW X DRIVER PRESTIGE SERIES With 4th gen speakers, these five headphones have a new durable cable and headband as well. Brooklyn, NY: Today Grado Labs is introducing the new Prestige Series featuring the first X Drivers.

These newly built speakers are the fourth generation of drivers the Brooklyn company has designed since the introduction of the first Grado headphone in 1991. Along with the superior sound these new drivers produce, the five headphones in the Prestige Series (SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x, SR325x) are now built with a new durable cable and new headbands.

In twenty years Grado Labs has only released four generations of drivers, the speaker inside the headphone. Avoiding yearly update cycles “just cause”, Grado has made sure to only place new drivers inside their headphones when there is a significant upgrade. The X Drivers bring a completely redesigned speaker and new harmony to the inner workings of the Prestige Series. Each one is specifically tuned for headphones they’re built into. Grado has increased the magnetic power of the speaker while decreasing the effective mass of the voice coil. Along with the reconfigured diaphragm, this unison creates a speaker that represents the truest presentation of the original source.

“The Prestige Series means the world to our family”, says Jonathan Grado. “It’s the first series we ever released and includes not only our first-ever headphone (SR80) but also our first metal pair as well (SR325). Our goal was to increase the efficiency of our drivers while not only maintaining but improving, the purity of the original recording and the mid-range we’re known for. Without the Prestige Series, we wouldn’t be here.”

Along with the new X Drivers, all five headphones in the Prestige Series are now built with new cables and headbands. The 8-conductor (SR125x, SR225x, SR325x) and 4-conductor (SR60x, SR80x) cables are now housed in a more durable, flexible exterior. These cables feature a super annealed copper wire that delivers an improved purity of the audio signal. Being faithful to the recorded event is and always will be a priority for Grado. The SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, and SR225x are now built with a thicker faux-leather headband for a comfier experience. The SR325x has a new white-stitched leather headband, exclusive to that pair in the Prestige Series.

Pre-Order the SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x, and SR325x at Audio46.

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