Grado White Headphone Announced!

grado white headphone showing platter detail and ventilation

Ah, summertime in New York.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Grado has just announced its newest headphone, the White Headphone.  Taking inspiration from the watershed Beatles album, the White Headphone promises a new spin on the classic Grado sound.  I’ve been a huge fan of Grado since I tried the luscious RS2e back in 2013.   But news of a new Grado model has me reeling.

Grado White Headphone Announced!

grado white headphone seen from the side

Utilizing a maple wood housing with a solid white platter exterior, the White Headphone will add to Grado’s copious limited edition offerings.

A more compact ventilation system provides just one of the benefits of the platter exterior; it also adds more mass to the maple enclosure. This could translate into a warmer flavor in comparison to Grado’s last maple wood offering, the GH1.

Complimenting sound with style, the White Headphone will feature a black leather headband with white stitching.

grado white headphone with cables

“The inspiration goes back to my youth and my love of music, especially rock & roll in the 1960s.” -John Grado

The White Headphone will retail for $795 and will be available from July until the end of 2019.

grado white headphone seen from the side

About Grado Labs

Grado continues to wow the audiophile world with its family atmosphere, bespoke product design, and decidedly humble roots in music appreciation.  A veritable institution of Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, Grado Labs delivers a unique offering in today’s world:  a handmade piece of high-tech wizardry recommended more by word-of-mouth and industry insiders than massive advertising agencies.

Hailed as “the finest electricity-to-sound transducer in the world,” Grado also produces amplifiers and phono cartridges (the latter having acquired a near-legendary reputation among vinyl enthusiasts).


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closeup of Grado White Headphone from the side showing leather detail