Grado Wireless Headphones GW100, Everything We Know!

Grado Wireless Headphones GW100 Prototype Reddit 3
c/o MightyGrey, Reddit

Grado is known for their distinct style of handcrafted open-back headphones. In the past, Jon Grado said if he ever stepped into the wireless world, the company would produce a Bluetooth headphone that remains true to their name. Looks like that day has come. Introducing Grado Wireless Headphones GW100 open-backs (rumored name).

Grado Wireless Headphones GW100, Everything We Know!

On Tuesday, Grado took to Instagram to tease a new set of headphones. The animated GIF features a hand slowly taking a sheet off of a concealed pair of headphones. We don’t ever see the cans, but we do see the bare base of a headphone stand. The teaser photo is appropriately captioned “Our new headphones are on that stand. Wait where are the wires?” Hello, wireless!

Our new headphones are on that stand. Wait where are the wires? | #since1953

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A few days prior to the release, Reddit got a hold of what appears to be a photo of the prototype. The red and white box features a pair of open-back headphones similar to that of the SR80e, but fixed with flat open-back earcups. The photo was posted by user MightyGrey on July 20 titled “Grado + Wireless??!! ‘GW100’ Wireless series spotted on Facebook.” The user goes on to write, “Came across this randomly on my newsfeed, there seem to be a few videos and references to it here and there across the interwebs.”

Grado Wireless Headphones GW100 Reddit
c/o MightyGrey, Reddit

At this time, there is no update on the price or when the headphones will actually be released. However, IFA, one of the biggest electronics conferences, is around the corner (August 31 – Sept 5) and I’m expecting updates. We will of course monitor any details on this upcoming release as well as IFA. Until then, sit tight and let us know what you think Grado Wireless headphones will sound like in the comments section below.

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