H_ _R App (HEAR) Alters Ambient Noise

H_ _R App

Turn the office chatter into white noise! The H_ _R app (formerly known as HEAR) allows users to change the way they hear ambient noise around them.

H_ _R App (HEAR) Alters Ambient Noise

H_ _R app works by using the audio delivered through your headphones and other real-time audio processing technology to amplify, mute, and mold the audio that is delivered to your ear drums. Essentially, the app will be able to play your music while muting office chatter or even turning those same voices into that of cartoons. H_ _R is said to be a bit buggy (or trippy, rather), but it gets the job done for the most part.

H_ _R has seven different settings to choose from. Auto Volume is one of the more basic settings. This option allows users to block out ambient noise and will pick up the voice of someone speaking to them – this way we don’t miss our desk mate reminding us we have an all-staff meeting in 10. Pretty cool in theory. Although, some outlets have mentioned voices can sound muffled or just startling.

The Super Hearing profile sounds super cool though! This feature will amplify voices as they near you. So, if you were to blast EDM through your headphones, you should still be able to hear your neighbor remind you about that all-staff meeting in 10. Super Hearing is said to be a little trippy, as it can sometimes pick up a distant dog bark or even a car.

Relax takes all of theĀ ambient noises around you and blends them into one harmonious, soft whisper. This seems ideal for sleeping.

There are a few other wacky modes users can have fun with, such as happy, office, talk, and sleepy. These modes can take voices and make them sound like high-pitched cartoon characters or turn the sounds around you into distant echoes. The latter is supposed to help you sleep, but sounds more like it would resemble a trip down the rabbit hole to me.

Regardless H_ _R app, which is calling all fans to help rename the app thanks to a cease-and-desist letter, is available in the iOS app store and it is free. Happy listening!

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