Headphones With Amazon Alexa: ONvocal OV

Headphones With Amazon Alexa: ONvocal OV

Nowadays we’re constantly on-the-go and always in search of more efficient ways to organize and enjoy ourselves. The internet and smartphones have definitely enabled us to free up time but the latest technology time saver is voice activated artificial intelligence like Apple’s Siri, Google and Amazon’s Alexa. And now you can get more control with all 3 of these services through the new ONvocal OV headphone.

The ONvocal OV is a headphone which is the first to feature Amazon’s Alexa voice and music services. Through the push of a button on the headset, users can access Alexa, Siri, and Google voice command services. With the addition of Alexa to your headset’s functions, your shopping and entertainment options are opened-up to a whole new level of convenience. Order groceries, buy gifts for the family and make dinner plans. Afterward you can use all that saved time to purchase some tunes.

The ONvocal OV also features a wired input for use without Bluetooth, 8-hour battery life, a selection of eartips in different sizes and sound adjustment options (via the OV app). The OV also has dual binaural MEMS mics for monitoring or filtering ambient noise.

The ONvocal OV will set you back $399 and is currently available for pre-order through the ONvocal website.

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