Large Set of Headphones Save a Life

Headphones Save a life

Usually headphones get a bad wrap when it comes to safety concerns, but a “large set of headphones” have reportedly saved a life in Dublin, Ireland.

Large Set of Headphones Save a Life

Headphones are known for putting a sound barrier between you and your surrounding environment, which can be pretty dangerous, especially at night. Headphones are also said to lead to early hearing loss when used at inappropriate volumes. However, it has come to light that a large pair of headphones have actually helped to save a man’s life.

As the victim was walking through Dun Laoghaire village when the attacker, 29-year old Simon Keena, approached the victim carrying a bag full of plastic bottles and paperwork.

Keena was highly intoxicated and shouted at the victim who did not respond. Keena then struck the man after being ignored. Acting as a helmet, the victim’s headphone’s placed a barrier between the heavy bag and the victim’s skull. The headphones were actually knocked off of the man’s head from the swing. An passerby helped the victim after the attack.

Keena, who has been battling a heroin addiction since the age of 13, is awaiting sentencing which should take place in January.

Judge Anne Watkin said Keena could have killed the man, and was “lucky he wasn’t facing more serious charges.”

Unfortunately, the article did not include what make the “large set of headphones” were, but as headphone enthusiasts we would still like to give a shout out to all “large sets” of headphones for simultaneously acting as helmets while providing quality music. You never know when the over-ear cans will save your life.

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