Heartpulse Headphones by Jealous Angel Audio

Heartpulse Headphones

The heart of these headphones actually beat as you rock out to your favorite tunes. Meet Heartpulse Headphones by Jealous Angel Audio.

Heartpulse Headphones by Jealous Angel Audio

These have got to be the cutest LED cans I’ve seen yet! Heartpulse headphones feature LED heart-shaped ear cups. Pink neon lights are built into the exterior of the ear cups to create the beating heart. On the inside of the ear cups, half of the heart wraps perfectly around the ear to isolate ambient noise while providing perfect natural acoustics to your ear’s shape.

When it comes to sound, Heartpulse is said to deliver maximum bass and clarity, even at low frequencies of 20 Hertz, thanks to 50mm drivers.

The adorable design is meant to signify unity. According to Heartpulse’s promo video, the California-based company hopes the beating heart will encourage more communication between strangers. “People are scared to connect with one another… connect with strangers… and we think this is an amazing way to do that. In a lot of ways it says, ‘This is who I am. Come talk to me. I’m all about friendship.'”

Heartpulse also acts as a safety mechanism at night, illuminating your head and ears while the wearer is jogging or commuting. Wearers also have the option of allowing the heart to beat, display a constant LED light, or completely turn the light off. Other features include wireless capability due to Bluetooth technology and a rechargeable battery.

Heartpulse headphones are available on Indiegogo starting at the Super Early Bird price of $49 plus shipping, before retailing for $118. Heartpulse will ship to backers in February 2017.

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