HiFiMAN Announce Two New Audiophile Headphones

The HiFiMAN name is synonymous with open-back planar headphones. Their products occupy almost every price range you can think of, from the mid-fi Edition XS to the premium Susvara. HiFiMAN is now looking to expand its high-end selection with two new powerhouse offerings. One of them is a new version of the previously mentioned Susvara, which has been highly praised since its release in 2017. The other new headphone from HiFiMAN is a miniature version of their super-premium Shangri-La model, aptly named the “mini Shangri-La.” This new version of the Shangri-La shrinks its price significantly from the Senior’s $18k price point, down to $2,300. Here’s what you can expect from these new efforts from HiFiMAN.

Susvara Unveiled 

With this new version of the Susvara, HiFiMAN has developed a completely grille-less open-back design. This separates the Susvara Unveiled from all of HiFiMAN’s other open-back headphones, which usually have prominent metal grilles. The veil in question is the Susvara’s new removable back panel that aims to help the drivers avoid damage while the headphones are idle. It’s a way to combat the driver’s deterioration, commonly caused by absorption in magnetic objects.

What this removable panel is protecting is the Susvara’s newly developed nanometer-thick diaphragm, which incorporates HiFiMAN’s Stealth magnet technology. The basis for the Susvara’s driver configuration and grille-less design is to create an effective way to avoid acoustic reflections and refractions that the grille could cause. In effect, this is meant to let the diaphragm breathe, allowing for more opportunity for detail and openness.

(2017 model)
(2024 model)
MSRP $6,000 $8,000
Frequency Response 6Hz – 75kHz 6Hz – 75kHz
Sensitivity 83 dB 86 dB
Impedance 60 Ω 45 Ω
Weight 450 grams
(15.9 oz.)
430 grams
(16.16 oz.)

Shangri-La Mini

The Shangri-La Mini is an electrostatic headphone/amplifier combo that promises a complete audiophile-grade system. Like the new Susvara Unveiled, the Shangri-La Mini will also feature a nano-thickness diaphragm that looks to enhance its sound with its light vibration properties. It also uses a nanoparticle coating that is meant to ensure accuracy through its conductivity and stability. Environmental protection is another one of the Shangri-La Mini’s concerns. It looks to tackle humidity, dust, and other pollutants with its nanometer protection layer.

Mini Shangri-La
(2024 model)
Shangri-La Jr.
(2018 model)
Shangri-La Sr.
(2016 model)
MSRP $2,300 $8,000 $50,000
Frequency Response 7Hz – 90kHz 7Hz – 120kHz 7Hz – 120kHz
Bias Voltage 550V-650V 550V-650V 550V-650V
Headphone Weight 320.2 g
(11.3 oz.)
374 g
(13.2 oz.)
(13.2 oz.)
Amp Weight  5.82 kg
(12.8 lbs)
11 kg
(24 lbs)
16 kg
(35 lbs)
Amp Dimensions 255 x 251 x 93 mm
(10″ x 9.9″ x 3.7″)
400 x 265 x 108 mm
(15.7″ x 10.4″ x 4.2″)
437.8 x 458.9 x 335.8 mm
(17.32″ x 18.11″ x 13.39″)

Both the HiFiMAN Susvara Unvield and the Shangri-La Mini will be available at Audio46.

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