Hip Hop Headphones To Bring The Bass

This is for the hip-hoppers and bass heads. It’s time you kids got the low-down on the best hip hop headphones to melt your face off at an affordable rate. So here they are!

Hip Hop Headphones To Bring The Bass

Sennheiser Momentum M2

The M2s are a are definite bass qualifier. Do not let the sleek and slender design fool you. These cans are equipped with the right specs to reach deep bass that is both natural, powerful, and crisp all the while spanning a frequency response range of 16-22,000 Hertz. To boot, the super soft leathery ear cups are perfect for long listening sessions whether at home or during your commute. The wired option will run you a smooth $349.95.

Beats Solo 2.0

Hip Hop Headphones Beats Solo 2

We can’t talk bass without referring to Beats by Dre. These headphones have made themselves a household name by way of celebrity endorsements. And although this may come off as a completely commercial product, we must admit it packs the bass. While heavy, it can be a bit intense for those who aren’t ready for a full throttle bass drop. The mids and high are decent, but the bass is where these on-ear headphones shine. Drop two C-notes on Dr. Dre and these babies are all yours.

Audio-Technica MSR7

Hip Hop Headphones Audio-Technica MSR7


Coming at you with a warm sound signature is Audio-Technica’s MSR7. The smooth sound is found throughout the entire frequency range straight to the thumping bass line. These headphones deliver great bass reproduction, though without an excessive bass boost. Beinga hi-resolution headphone, these babies also provide clear and accurate audio that is unbeatable at a price of $249.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Designed to be customizable in both look and sound, the Custom One Pros are a must-have for those in the market for hip hop headphones. The Custom One Pros are from Beyerdynamic which tout a balanced sound signature that’s accurate yet relaxed. The Custom One Pros feature the same sound while a toggle allows the user to customize between four different sound profiles, ranging from little to “heavy bass.” The commuter friendly headphones are a durable make and come with a number of design covers for wearers to personalize their ear cups all for $199.99.

Jays u-Jays

Hip Hop Headphones Jays u-Jays

These on-ear cans are lightweight and slim in frame, but don’t let it’s physique fool you. The u-Jays are able to provide bassy sound signature you are bound to love. For those who want to hear the bass knock without blunt force, try the u-Jays. The bass is present and relaxed. Also. the minimalist style means the headphones can coordinate with any ensemble. The u-Jays can be yours for $199 in either Black on Black, Black on Gold, White on Silver, and White on Gold.

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