How Audyllic Helps Your Audio Content Reach Broadcast Quality

If you make any kind of web content, audio will probably play a big role. Whether you work in the media industry, or are a small DIY artist, chances are there is an audio component to your work. However, you might not be an audio engineer, or have any knowledge about how to obtain good sound. There are many content creators that work in predominatly audio mediums like podcasting and audiobooks that might not be familiar with what reaching broadcast quality audio entails. When working with podcasts and internet video there aren’t a ton of set parameters for what your mix should sound like.

While there are tons of DAWs(Digital Audio Workstations) that offers tons of plugins and meters that will help you control your audio and make it better, there’s definitely a learning curve. Audio software like the IZotope RX Suite can take time to learn, and your audio content might not be that complicated to warrant learning these services in the first place. These tools are worth learning if you’re looking to be an audio professional, but they might be too much of a monetary commitment for people just looking to put out content from their bedrooms. That’s where Audyllic comes in.

What Is Audyllic?

Audyllic is a new software as a service platform that is designed for content creators to help ensure broadcast quality audio. They achieve this by featuring Obran Opti-mod technology, which has been renowned for over five decades for its unparalleled
audio enhancement solution. Optimod’s algorithm allows for audio files to be processed six times faster than real time. This is a free platform that anyone can download, with purchasable credits for larger projects.

When To Use It 

What you would need Audyllic for depends on the type of audio content. For instance, podcasters looking to join networks will need to abide by their set parameters that Audyllic makes easy to achieve. If you work with audiobooks, ACX can be pretty strict with their desired levels. Using Audyllic will make that whole process a lot less stressful. Any other content creator can use Audyllic for general clarity and legibility. Not everyone is going to have access to the best gear, so using Audyllic will help put your content on the same level as the pros.

What It Does

Essentially, this professional quality that Audyllic promises is achieved through the reduction of dynmiac range for speech and music audio files. This makes listening in noisy environments (particularly the car) much less difficult and a more pleasant experience. Speech and especially music uses a wide dynamic range. For speech it’s softly spoken words that may be hard to hear contrasted with ones with more energy behind them. These softer words leads for more opportunity for background noise to bleed through and absorb them.

Audyllic, with the help of Optimod naturally reduces this contrast. Its algorithm has many tools, including gain control, automatic equalization, multiband gain control, peak level control, peak to average reduction as well as stereo enhancement and phase skew correction (for best mono compatibility) with intelligent automatic loudness control applied to the -16LUF standard. It also features a speech detection engine to ensure that any music is perfectly balanced in level for optimum listener satisfaction.

How To Use It

Audyllic is a downloadable VST3 plugin that you can use with free DAWs like Audacity and Reaper. It’s interface is simple to use, and doesn’t take too much time to learn. Most audio formats and bitrates are supported by Audyllic. You can download Audyllic, as well as other usfull information about the service here.

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