Huawei Earbuds to be Part of Huawei Watch 3, Reportedly

Huawei Earbuds Huawei Watch 2 2018
c/o Huawei

Truly wireless earbuds are slowly becoming a new standard in wireless technology. With that being said, Huawei has thought of the next innovative means of storing Huawei earbuds in their new timepiece, reportedly.

Huawei Earbuds to be Part of Huawei Watch 3, Reportedly

According to Tech Radar, the Chinese electronics and telecommunications company Huawei has filed a patent for another watch equipped with built-in wireless earbuds. The patent, published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and released by Let’sGoDigital, showcases a wrist watch with capsule-like shaped truly wireless earbuds that can be stored at the base of the face plate and arm band. You could say within the hinge, I guess. There’s another photo which also shows the two capsule-shaped Huawei earbuds could be stored in the bottom of the wrist band instead.

Huawei Earbuds Huawei Watch 3
c/o LetsGoDigital/WIPO

Both designs seem plausible, though I’d argue both would make the entire unit quite large as I’ve dealt with many truly wireless buds and even the smallest set will make a watch a little clunky. If I had to choose between the two set-ups, I think the latter would be the most cumbersome. Regardless, I’d be excited to see either of these patents come to fruition as TWS earbuds stored in a wrist watch (hopefully one that could charge them) would make for very convenient storage.

It’ll also be interesting to note when the possibility of Huawei Watch 3 could be released as Huawei Watch 2 2018 was recently launched in China.

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