Meet Hy Wireless Earbuds

Hy Wireless Earbuds

These buds may very well change the future of hearables. Inconspicuous, comfortable, and a super long battery life are just a few of the positives. Meet Hy wireless earbuds.

Meet Hy Wireless Earbuds

Developed by UK-based audio company Third Skin, Hy is aimed at eliminating the common problems we face on the day-to-day with our wearables. From chunky frames, to tangled wires, to muffled audio, and everything in between – Hy has got it handled.

The unique design of the wearable makes it virtually invisible, as it looks like that of an IFB used by anchors. TBH, it took me a moment to identify the earbuds in photographs. The interesting build is actually a means of creating a sturdy, yet comfortable piece of tech. The tiny end of the earbud is shaped like a V or wishbone and sits inside of the ear canal while the larger sculpted body nestles itself behind the ear. This allows the wishbone driver to combine a pair of pro audio balanced armature drivers, which provide crystal clear mids and trebles, with piezo flexing elements that deliver deep bass directly to the bones of your middle ear through bone conduction.

Using Bluetooth 4.0 with PurePath binaural interconnect technology, Hy wireless earbuds are able to communicate with your phone. This allows users to seamlessly listen to music and make calls. Third Skin advises their special design and technology does not block natural sound when music and calls aren’t in use. Though, it will activate high efficiency active noise-cancelling when they are. Paired with voice and external microphones, Third Skin promises high quality phone calls and a superb listening experience. These buds can also be worn while working out, as they are built with heart rate and body temperature sensors. Hy can also track head motions and track activity.

Thanks to two 260mAh batteries, the earbuds are juiced for 12 hours (that is 4x more than any set of truly wireless earbuds if come across to date… granted most don’t feature an additional body behind the ear). In addition, the buds can be recharged using a microUSB port.

If you’d a pair of Hy wireless earbuds head over to Kickstarter and grab them on an Early bird special of $147 which is 40 percent off of the MSRP. Hy will begin shipping to backers in January 2018.

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