iBasso DC06PRO Review

iBasso DC06PRO Review By MajorHiFi

The original DC06 from iBasso is a reliable DAC dongle for your smartphone or laptop, and it’s just received an update. With this new version, iBasso looks to advance the potential of its DAC chipset, using more components to increase the power of the DC06 significantly. Does the DC06Pro succeed in doing so?

iBasso DC06PRO items

What You Get

  • iBasso DC06PRO
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Converter
  • User Manual

iBasso DC06PRO headphone outs


The original DC06 had a small aluminum chassis that was a simple plug-and-play DAC/Amp. With the Pro version, there are more aesthetic choices to make this DAC dongle stick out more. You still get a CNC aluminum body, but the Pro has tempered hardened glass panels. They look like completely different devices when put back to back, and make for a bulkier piece altogether. This is a way sleeker dongle, and it keeps its pocket size too. It also keeps its 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs, and USB Type C connector.

iBasso DC06PRO back


Inside of the DC06Pro is a dual ES9219C quad-DAC chipset. It supports sample rates up to 32bit/384Hz, with DSD up to 256. It also utilizes an NDK femtosecond oscillator meant to reduce jitter and distortion. Unlike the original DC06, the Pro uses its own dedicated power supply for better amplification. With the help of a DC-DC converter, the amp is able to operate at its full potential without interference. 

iBasso DC06PRO cable

Sound Impressions

While the original DC06 did a good job reproducing an accurate signal, the Pro version goes further with its overall power potential. This brings the DC06 to the next level, supplying different headphones and IEMs with plenty of headroom to play around with. The dedicated volume control adds a lot to the versatility of your headphones. Both your phone’s volume control and the DC06Pro can independently adjust gain, leading to more adaptable power.

It pushes tons of IEMs, making their sound signatures jump out with spatial imaging depth and more detailed notes. Using the Campfire Audio Cascara with the DC06Pro expanded the soundstage a bit more and cleared up some of its fogginess in the low mids. If you’re worried about the DC06Pro keeping a reference, IEMs like the IE 600 match up with its performance very well too. Full-sized headphones also pair with the DC06Pro with no hassle, including the HD 600 series from Sennheiser.


There are a lot of DAC dongles out there, but not all of them have the power of the DC06Pro. You should have no problem using this device with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and driving a variety of IEMs and headphones. With its dedicated volume control, the DC06Pro offers a ton of versatility in power, giving your headphones ample headroom. You also don’t have to worry about the Pro sustaining neutrality, as it successfully retains accurate output throughout its response.

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