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Here at MajorHiFi, we have taken a look at all but one of IBasso’s lineup of IEMs. The IT00 is their most coast efficient earphone model, coming in at $79. In this price range, there are plenty of options, whether that be traditional earbuds or the more pristine IEM. From what I’ve listened to in the past from IBasso, their line of IEMs shoot for a combination of audiophile-friendly sounds and textured fun of consumer products. I’ve enjoyed nearly everything in their library, and the IT00 seems to be the most reasonably priced model of theirs, making it an easier sell to a friend who’s looking for better earphones. Does the IT00 fit that mold?

IBasso contents

What You Get

  • IT00 IEM
  • 9 pairs of silicone ear tips(S/M/L)
  • carry case
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

IBasso in hand

Look and Feel

The IT00 has the exact same shape as the IT01, except the shell is completely white. It has a triangular housing that provides a small size to match your concha. They barely have any weight to them either and feel very light when wearing them for long hours. The Aesthetic is simple, but effective, bringing a more minimalistic design compared to the complex colors of IBasso’s other IEMs. As for the fir on a whole, I found the initial insertion a little awkward, but after a short amount of time, you can barely feel them at all. The nozzle and ear tips bring great support and added security for even the slightest head movements. 

IBasso design


There’s quite a bit going on underneath the surface of these affordable earbuds so let’s jump into it. Inside of the IT00’s housing is a 5mm driver unit with a multi-layered graphene diaphragm. It’s a strong system that uses artificial damping that supports a thin membrane for a quicker response. Along with that are dual Helmholtz resistors that aim to deliver a fuller and more natural sound. The high magnetic flux drives the diaphragm and aims for higher fidelity and dynamics. 

IBasso wrapped chord


For an IEM at this price range, it’s important that the IT00 produces a clean signal that’s easy to drive through most common systems. Smartphones and laptops are the focus here, and the IT00 uses a 16 Ohm impedance to help communicate a more sufficient level of loudness. When connecting the IT00 to my iPhone using a standard lightning adapter I was able to listen to my music at a comfortable volume with just enough room for extra gain. 

IBasso logo


I’ve been very happy with the level of staging that each of IBasso’s IEM has conveyed. I honestly didn’t expect much of it to translate into a more consumer-friendly model as the IT00, but I’m happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised. The first aspect of the soundstage that immediately hit me was the incredible amount of depth on display. The width is a little above average, but the space being occupied feels very rich, with plenty of air between sound elements and sharp accurate imaging. Height in the imaging is plentiful, creating a semi-limitless headspace. It’s mostly internal, but at some points, you can just feel the air trying to escape for that real holographic sensation. 

Low End

Sometimes the low end on these inexpensive IEMs can prove to be very engaging, and that happens to be the case with the IT00. The bass response here is especially impactful with smooth textures that make the timbre even more articulated. With the bass, the resonance pools with an impressive amount of depth, creating well-constructed layers of output for superior clarity.  Certain tracks like “Invisible” by Gacha Bakradze emanate with an almost soothing rumble that’s also well separated and provides a great sense of solidity to the selection. 


The midrange finds itself with a good amount of space, making accuracy and clarity easier in effect. It’s not as thick, or even as present as the bass, causing the timbre to become flat. The response doesn’t feel like it receives the right amount of lift from the full-bodied lows but still shares its clean tonality. In effect, this makes the response appear a bit more recessed, but thankfully the upper mids give the timbre some needed accentuation. This makes certain vocal ranges more of a pleasure to listen to than others. Some higher register female vocals can sound very sweet, while lower cadences don’t exactly get treated with the same amount of texture. 


I wasn’t expecting any form of great treble from the IT00, but color me surprised. The highs here have a crisp response, that has a consistent sizzle. It’s not a bright crispness either, as the treble is a lot more easily digestible, and even sweet at times. This made the hiss of tracks like “Impression” by Gacha Bakradze so rich and soothing, with its ambient sound effects and calming synth leads. It’s one of the most lively and smooth trebles I’ve heard on an IEM for less than a hundred bucks. 


Based on sound quality alone, this is an easy recommendation from me. Bass heads and treble enthusiasts will have everything they need without having to spend a pretty penny on the more high-end IEMs, and they appear durable enough to for some added value. When you hear the IT00, you might ask yourself why you would need anything more than this. While there’s always room to explore different sound signatures and price ranges, the IT00 gives you a colorful sound that’s detailed enough to be well beyond its value. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Bass impact, Sweet treble, Price

Cons: Can’t nitpick for the price

The IBasso IT00 is available at Audio 46.

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