iFi Introduces LAN iPurifier Pro in New SilentPower Lineup

The high-end audio manufacturer known for its wide selection of DAC/Amps is launching a new line of LAN power solutions with the iPurifier Pro. Ifi has decided to form this new lineup to introduce a new way to attenuate noise and achieve the purest clarity from your audio systems. With the SilentPower series, iFi aims to unlock the potential of your audio devices, unleashing superb sound quality without any distortion or interference.

The SilentPower brand is categorized into four main segments: Power Supplies, Cables, Conditioners and Accessories. Each segment is meticulously engineered to deliver superior noise cancellation and power purity, ensuring that every audio experience is pristine and immersive.

LAN iPurifier Pro

The LAN iPurifier Pro offers a simple plug-and-play solution to what traditionally requires complex steps. Utilizing advanced optical galvanic isolation technology, it converts incoming LAN signals into optical (light) signals and back again, ensuring complete electrical isolation between input and output. This prevents any noise from the LAN system from contaminating the stream or DAC.

The LAN iPurifier Pro is an active device that also improves musical timing thanks to its signal regeneration capabilities. This eliminates all jitters and errors so listeners experience the music as clearly and correctly as possible. Designed for speed without compromise, the LAN iPurifier Pro ensures transparent data transmission while meeting network connection standards, including 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), IEEE 802.3x standard, and supporting 1000/100/10Mbps. It is compatible with a wide range of network devices such as 4K media boxes and media streaming PCs.

The iFi LAN iPurifier Pro is available now from Audio46.

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