iFi ZEN DAC Released- Be At One With Your Music

Trailing right behind the ZEN Blue hi-res Bluetooth streamer is iFi’s new ZEN DAC.

Priced at an affordable $129, the ZEN is a desktop USB DAC/amp meant for home use. Both simple and versatile, the ZEN features a bypass switch for the volume control, single-ended and balanced cable connections, which allows for a multitude of uses in your audio chain.

DAC Specs

Utilizing a Burr-Brown DAC chip and XMOS chip for input processing, the ZEN supports hi-res PCM, ‘bit perfect’ DSD and MQA. So fans of ‘Masters’ quality streaming on Tidal should fret not! And extra picky users can even download different versions of iFi’s firmware to tweak the digital filters if they feel so inclined.

iFi ZEN DAC circuit board

Analog Specs

The ZEN’s analog stage features C0G capacitors from TDK and a power supply IC from Texas instruments, chosen for high performance in audio applications.¬†And if your headphones usually need some extra gain to drive them, the PowerMatch button will match the gain to their load level when engaged.

Also featured on the front panel is the analog TrueBass Boost, an evolution iFi’s well-known XBass circuit. For cans that just need that extra punch.


  • Pentaconn 4.4mm Balanced (Front and Back)
  • Single-Ended 6.3mm Headphone
  • Single-Ended RCA (Left and Right)
  • USB 3 (USB 2 Compatible)

iFi zen dac back panel

So whether you’re hooking up in-ear monitors, headphones, an external preamp or active speakers, iFi can help you zen out.

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