iFi’s New Neo IDSD 2 Will Be The First Ever Lossless Bluetooth DAC/Amp

The latest update to iFi’s Neo line has just been announced and promises to make a splash with a major innovation. Their Neo IDSD 2 model is slated to feature the aptX Lossless streaming CODEC, which is the only CODEC capable of delivering uncompressed signal over Bluetooth. This new 3-in-1 DAC/Amp combo will also feature Bluetooth 5.4, the latest version of Bluetooth that iFi claims will provide a maximum bitrate of 1,200kbps over this higher-fidelity wireless format.

With aptX lossless, you will now be able to get the most out of lossless streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal with Bluetooth. For now, aptX Lossless is the only method of hearing true uncompressed Bluetooth, and the Neo IDSD 2 will be one of the devices that you can experience that with.

Along with lossless Bluetooth, iFi is also promising a sound that is a whopping 5 times more powerful than the previous iteration of the Neo series. According to iFi, the maximum output power of the Neo IDSD 2 is 5,551 mW (@ 32Ω). That will outperform many amplifiers in its range. It will share similar circuitry with their Diablo models.

iFi will also be releasing its new wireless companion app called “Nexis.” This app will be available for IOS and Android. It will offer additional control settings and plenty of features.


Digital USB3.0 B (USB2.0 compatible); S/PDIF (coaxial/optical)
Bluetooth 5.4 (aptX Lossless, aptX Adaptive, aptx, LDAC, HWA/LHDC, AAC and SBC)
Analog UnBAL 3.5mm
Clock: External Sync Clock 10MHz, 1Vpp nominal, 75Ω. Sinewave or Squarewave
Format: PCM 768kHz; DSD 512 (22.6MHz); MQA Full Decoder
Line Section
Balanced XLR 19.5V max. (variable) 4.4V­ fixed
UnBAL RCA 10.5V max. (variable) 2.2V ­fixed
Output Impedance: XLR ≤100Ω; RCA ≤50Ω
SNR: <-120dB(A) @ 0dBFS
DNR: >120dB(A) @ -60dBFS
THD+N: <0.0015% @ 0dBFS
Headphone Section
Balanced 4.4mm 3.5V / 19.5V max. (12Ω – 600Ω Headphone)
UnBAL 6.3mm 4.5V / 9.50V max. (12Ω – 300Ω Headphone)
Output Power:
Balanced >19.5V/650 mW (@ 600Ω); >13.3V/5,551 mW (@ 32Ω)
UnBAL >10.5V/184 mW (@ 600Ω); >9.5V/2,832 mW (@ 32Ω)
Output Impedance: <1Ω
SNR: >120dB(A) (3.3V 6.3mm/6.2V 4.4mm)
DNR: -120dB(A)
THD + N: <0.0015% (125mW @ 32Ω)
Power supply requirement: DC 9V/1.5A – 15V/0.9A (centre +ve)*
Power consumption: No Signal ~5W; Max Signal ~13.5W
Dimensions: 214 x 158 x 41 mm (8.4″ x 6.2″ x 1.6″)
Net weight: 916g (2.0 Ibs)
Limited Warranty: 12 months**

The iFi Neo IDSD 2 will cost $899 and can be found soon at Audio46.

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