InEar Announces New ProPhile 8 Custom IEM

A whole new custom IEM is coming from InEar. The ProPhile 8 custom will have the same features and sound characteristics as the original, but the fit will be unique to your ears. In addition, the custom model is available in three different faceplate designs: matt black, matt black with “IE” (initials of our InEar logo) laser engraving, matt black with “IE” real gold inlay – handmade by InEar’s in-house goldsmith.

The ProPhile 8 is a studio reference IE with a 4-way crossover and 8 balanced armature drivers per side. Additionally, there are two switches on the inside of the earphone to separately boost low frequencies by +3dB and high frequencies starting at 8 kHz by +2dB.

Based on a linear reference tuning for professional mixing and mastering, you can choose one of totally four different sound signatures to adjust to your audiophile preferences outside of the studio.


  • Output sound pressure: 120 dB;
  • Impedance: 34 ohms
  • Frequency Range:10 Hz–20000 Hz.
  • Cable length: 4‘7.5“

You can find more from InEar at Audio46.

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