Introducing Sennheiser’s Latest IEM, The IE 200

Last year, one of the best IEMs to release was the IE 600 from Sennheiser. It carries a phenomenal sound that rivals even their flagship IE 900 in terms of high-fidelity audio. These IEMs still have a significant asking price, but thankfully Sennheiser is releasing a new option for audiophiles on a budget. The new IE 200 is the next in Sennheiser’s IE series of IEMs, hoping to bring a similar high-resolution sound experience to audiophiles and casual listeners alike. No matter if you like IEMs for critical listening, or just looking for something that sounds good for your daily travels, the IE200 looks to be a new favorite.


The 7mm extra-wide band True Response transducers eliminate distortion for neutral,
true-to-life voicing and impactful bass without peaks or troughs. This dynamic driver
reproduces transients with great precision across the entire frequency range — so you can
hear exactly what the sound engineer intended.


In tuning IE 200, our engineers pulled out all the stops to achieve a diffuse-field equalized
response that comes exceptionally close to the ideal. The “bathtub sound” audiophiles have
no patience for is completely eliminated with these exquisitely neutral in-ears When it comes to bass, preferences vary a lot, hence the design allows switching between powerful bass and open, analytical tuning. Mount the ear tips in one of two positions to determine how much the low end reaches your ears.


The Irish-made transducers of German design are manufactured by “Sennheiser consumer
hearing” using an advanced process to minimize the unit-to-unit variation of the miniature
dynamic drivers; the acoustic fleece smoothens treble for fatigue-free listening; the polymer blend diaphragm ensures ultra-fast transient response and clarity.


  • Transducer principle: Dynamic
  • Transducer size: 7mm
  • Acoustic principle: Closed
  • Jack plug: 3.5 mm angled
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • Weight (headphone): 4 grams
  • Frequency response: 6 – 20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 18 Ω
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 119dB (1kHz, 1Vrms)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.08 %

The Sennheiser IE 200 will cost $149 and is available to pre-order on January 15th, 2023 at Audio46.

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