iTeknic Earbuds Review: IK-BH0004

iTeknic is a company that makes water flossers, milk frothers, and automatic bubble blowers. They also make Bluetooth headphones. While they do have noise-cancelling over-ear models, today I’ll be reviewing their IK-BH004 earbuds retailing for $45.99.

iTeknic Earbuds Review: IK-BH0004

iTeknic earbuds IK-bh004 box


iTeknic opts for an Airpod-style design, complete with touch controls and “sticks” that house the microphones. The case is nearly the same size as the Airpod Pro Case, and has 3 LEDs to indicate battery life. The buds run an above-average 6 hours on a single charge, and can be recharged 4 times with the case.

Unlike the Airpods, the IK-BH004 come only in black, and have a matte plastic finish instead of gloss. But otherwise the design of the two are quite similar.

iTeknic earbuds IK-bh004 accessories


The earbuds fit well, and come with small, medium, and large eartips. I do wish the tips were nicer, but that’s a small complaint.

The buds fit in such a way that only one angle is comfortable. So you can’t point the ‘sticks’ any way you want like with Airpods. I’m not sure if this has any practical effect, but it’s worth mentioning.


The Bluetooth commands are controlled via taps on either side of the earpiece. Touch controls can be hit-or-miss on $50 earbuds, but the IK-BH004 prove responsive. My only complaint is that a single tap, instead of pausing the music, raises the volume. Double taps pause the music, and triple taps skip the track. It’s a bit counter-intuitive.

Also, some of the taps are easily confused for phone commands, like redial last number. It’s a command I rarely want to use, but hit accidentally several times. So while the taps are generally responsive, the control scheme could be improved.

iTeknic earbuds IK-bh004 charging case


The sound profile on the IK-BH004 is emphasized towards the midrange and high-end. The result is great for call quality, but lacks a strong bass for music. But the sound is well-balanced and shows off high-end detail not commonly found in true wireless earbuds of this price.

If you do prefer more bass, might I suggest the Strauss & Wagner TW401. For only $10 more, it provides a thicker low-end and a more intuitive control scheme. But if phone calls are your main priority, the IK-BH004 are a good choice. The midrange and treble emphasizes vocal sounds while still sounding natural.


The IK-BH004 has solid build quality, and a sound signature that is great for phone calls. The battery life is also a hearty 6 hours. But the controls can be counter-intuitive, and there isn’t much bass to speak of. Whether iTeknics will be a good buy for you depends on your preferences and priorities. But overall, a quality pair of earbuds for the price.

Pros- Good call quality, detailed midrange and high-end, strong battery life.

Cons- Lack of bass, counter-intuitive controls.

Get them on Amazon.

iTeknic Earbuds Review: IK-BH0004

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