Jabra Halo Smart Headphones Are Everything

Jabra Halo Smart

No stranger to designing call center-friendly headsets, Denmark-based headphone company, Jabra, is back with a cable-free smart headset for audiophiles. Meet Jabra Halo Smart.

The Jabra Halo Smart Headphones Are Everything

It is a thin, lightweight, and basically perfect – making it inconspicuous to both onlookers and the wearer. So much so, many times I forgot I was wearing them. The neckband is flexible, so it can comfortably conform to any wearer’s neck. The cables connected to the neckband are flat which keep the buds from tangling.

Jabra Halo Smart

The earbuds and neckband also contain magnets. When not in use, the earbuds use the magnets to clasp together around your neck or rest on the neckband. This design allows for users to easily answer and end calls as well as pause music playback. Simply detach the magnetic earbuds and place in your ears to answer a call and vice versa to end a call. Music playback is halted when you take the earbuds out of your ears and clasp the magnets together.

Jabra Halo Smart

When you want to resume music playback, simply place them in your ears and press the Multi-function button. This same button allows users to play and pause music, answer and end calls, and reject calls when already resting in your ears. The Multi-function button is located on the right side of the headset, in between the volume buttons. The Voice button, on the left side of the neckband, is used to activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. The built-in microphone is clear on both end, so commands to Siri are easily understood. Phone calls come in clear and conversations can be held without any connectivity issues.

The headset operates off of Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Pairing your device is extremely simple. First, turn on Bluetooth on your smart device. Next, place the earbuds in your ears  and hold the Multi-function button for about 5 seconds. The flexible neckband will then vibrate and a voice will instruct you to select the headset from your list of paired devices. Now, you are ready to begin rocking out. P.S. The headphones are ready to use straight out of the box.

Jabra Halo Smart

Like I wrote earlier, the headset is extremely comfortable. I’m not the biggest fan of earbuds (primarily due to my Tragus piercing), but the Jabra Halo Smart fits fantastically well, even with a little rhinestone barbel sticking out of my ear. The ear tips are standard Extra EarGels. Three extra sets of EarGels are included with your purchase along with a USB charging cable. On that note, these ultra portable earbuds provide up to 17 hours of talk time and 15 hours of music playback on a single charge – an entire day’s worth of use. In addition, the Halo Smart only takes an hour and a half to rejuice. Nice!

Users can monitor the life of their headset on their cellphone thanks to a little battery icon that appears next to the Bluetooth symbol once your cellphone is paired. The companion app, Jabra Assist, is also available to monitor battery life and locate your headset if lost.

Sound-wise, I’d say these headphones are pretty stellar. The bass comes off natural with a little punch. It’s present without becoming muddy and allows other elements of the music to shine. The mids and highs are present and clear with detail. On many acoustic pieces I could hear a note as it was beginning. I was truly astounded by the clean, balanced, and natural nature of the Jabra Halo Smart.

My only vice is that an iPhone user does not have the ability to have their emails, texts, and calendar notifications read aloud. These features are enabled for Android users, grrr. Regardless, for a smooth $79.99 you’ll receive a super lightweight, great sounding, and well built (withstanding wind, dirt, and water) pair of wireless headphones. For that reason, they receive a Gold Star in our book!

Head over to Jabra.com if you wish to snag a pair.


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