Meet Jadebud Earbuds by Jade J

Jadebud earbuds are running their last leg on Kickstarter so grab these stylish earphones while you still can at a discount.

Meet Jadebud Earbuds by Jade J

Coming at you from a California-based accessories company are Jadebud earbuds. They feature a sleek and geometric design. Each bud has a partial metal chassis that is purely for aesthetics. Love! This piece is available in Obsidian (Black), Sapphire (Blue), Ruby (Red), Morganite (Pink), and Diamond (Clear). The 120 cm long cable is tangle-free, cut in a flat-wire design featuring an in-line mic and controller.

When it comes to sound the creator promises his designer in-ear headphones will produce crystal clear stereo sound and deep bass. Thanks to 10 mm drivers the buds will resonate a frequency between 20-20,000 Hertz.

If ear buds aren’t your style, Jade J tech accessories company also provides stylish power banks and coordinating cables to keep your electronics from tapping out. PowerBoost is a 3,000mAh charging bank while a secondary smaller system called PowerBump offers 500 mAh. The smaller of the two is equipped with a charging unit attached to the bank. A microUSB cable is included for those who purchase the PowerBoost.

Then there’s JadeLink, a 2-in-1 charge and sync cable that features both a microUSB tip for Android and a certified Lightning tip for iPhone.Jadebud Earbuds

The Jadebud, PowerBoost, or PowerBump can be yours for $35 on There are also a number of different bundles you can order consisting of the power cable, earbuds, or power banks. But act fast, as their crowd funding campaign ends August 20 at 12 a.m.

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