Jays a-Six Wireless Sports 12-Hour Battery Life, Cheaper Price Tag Than Competition

Jays a-Six Wireless Earphones

Jays is the Swedish headphone company that brought us the impressive u-Jays headphones which touted a balanced sound signature and wide sound stage in a very attractive minimalist frame. The company has launched their first wireless in-ear, the Jays a-Six Wireless, and we’re ready to give them a go.

Jays a-Six Wireless Sports 12-Hour Battery Life, Cheaper Price Tag Than Competition

Jays a-Six Wireless Review – Fit/Feel

Jays a-Six Wireless are essentially built like any other Bluetooth earbuds, consisting of two earbud housings linked by a cable. This cable is a flat wire which keeps the unit from tangling and subsequently prevents premature wear and tear. Each ear bud housing is precisely cut from aluminum using Computer Numerical Control machining. The ear tips are comprised of silicone and available in five different sizes ranging from XXS-L.

Jays a-Six Wireless Review – Features

Jays a-Six Wireless is built with an in-line remote that gives users the ability to learn the battery life of their earbuds with just a tap and hold of the bottom button. This is useful. When done a voice prompt says “Battery High,” Battery Medium,” or “Battery Low” to indicate if the pair has 70-100 percent, 30-70 percent, or 0-30 percent of battery life left, respectively. I did, however, discover one drawback on these wireless buds and that’s the inability to skip backwards. If I like a song and want to hear it again, I’m S.O.L (so out of luck) unless I dig in my purse for my phone. I’d expect this in a pair of truly wireless buds, but the Jays a-Six is an in-line wireless earphone, by design, should normally have this capability. I’m thinking the trade-off here is the 12-hour whopping battery life. This is a true feat over Bluetooth models of a similar make which average between 7-8 hours of run time. Is this feature worth the trade-off? For the most part, yes. Twelve hours is a pretty nice deal. I mainly listen to wireless buds commuting to and from work, so these buds support a work week’s worth of playtime and some. Just make sure you have a fire playlist on deck so you don’t want to skip back a track.

Jays a-Six Wireless Review – Sound

The overall sound of these headphones are nice and rounded. It performs well with each genre and delivers audio that is full and lively. It’s like the u-Jays Wireless in a teeny tiny frame. The lows are better than I anticipated, reaching the sub-bass with richness and depth unexpected for a $79 wireless earbud. This may be due to the special laser-cut holes serving as a tuned bassport on the end of each aluminium earbud housing. I like that the mids are present and full without overshadowing the rest of the music also allowing the highs to sparkle above the rest of the audio. It’s not bright, or blunt – which I very much love. However, it could be more detailed. The same goes for the treble, but it’s still quite good. Spacing is surprisingly nice which is probably why the headphones sound pretty good and deliver an overall impressive performance across genres.

Jays a-Six Wireless Review – Overall Performance

The buds provide just about 12 hours of playtime at a moderate volume level. This is quite nice since the competition gets you a little more than half of that. The a-Six also features an in-line remote and control for adjusting the volume, taking calls, checking the battery life, and skipping forward. The only drawback is the inability to skip back a track. The sound is good and impressive for being wireless and coming in at the $79 price tag while the competition is around $100. If interested, grab Jays a-Six Wireless here.

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Jays a-Six Wireless Review – Specs

Drivers: 6mm dynamic speakers
Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1 kHz
Frequency Response Range: 20-20 000 Hz
Battery Life: 12 hours
Bluetooth Version: 4.1

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