JBL E45BT Review

JBL E45BT Review

Recently, JBL released a new line of headphones called the E series consisting of affordable, wireless, and brilliantly-colored headsets. Get all the details on their on-ear model in our JBL E45BT Review.

JBL E45BT Review


The headphones are shipped along with a detachable fabric cable which deters it from tangling and premature wear and tear. There’s also a micro USB charging cable that is unusually longer than most. But that just makes it so much easier to charge your headphones when need be.


Durable enough for $100 – the headphones have a plastic frame, with swiveling ear cups, and a collapsible body. The ear cups, which are made of soft leather, felt like there was too much pressure on my ears and I had to remove my upper ear cuffs, but felt the back of my rhinestone studs pushing against the side of my head. However, the cups swivel, so I was able to alleviate that pressure by slightly turning the cups outward. The cushions do a pretty good job of isolating your music inside of your ear cups (minimal sound leakage). They also do a decent job of blocking out some outside noise. Though, if a noisy environment is your primary concern, you’ll want an active noise cancelling (ANC) headphone that has microphones for that.

JBL E45BT Review

The headband is cushioned with comfortable fabric that’s got a very interesting speckled pattern to it. The headband isn’t super padded but enough for a comfy fit without applying too much pressure to the top of your head. As I mentioned earlier, a detachable cable is also included and it is made of fabric which keeps it from tangling, snagging, and tearing. The cable features a single button universal remote and microphone for answering calls and navigating your playlist.

I also previously stated, at the beginning of my JBL E45BT review that these headphones are brilliantly colored. I sampled the cobalt blue model, but there are also headsets in white, red, and seafoam green.


The right ear cup is designed with buttons to control the volume, answer calls, and switch back and forth between tracks. These headphones are able to provide up to 16 hours of use over Bluetooth 4.0 which is a decent amount for on-ear headphones since the battery is smaller than that of an over-ear headphone. The E45BT takes about 2 hours to fully recharge.


When it comes to sound, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the audio quality provided especially because this headphone is wireless and affordable. Being a JBL headphone the E45BT produces JBL’s signature sound that is neutral without adding too much warmth to the bass. There is a decent amount of bass presence with some depth. I would’ve liked a tad more bass, but the amount offered is good for a neutral-toned headphone. The mids are quite lush and full without bleeding over the lows or highs. Even at a $100 price point the mids have pretty good accuracy and clarity. I can also say so for the highs. The treble hits accurately while vocals and high frequency synthesizers glisten with just the right amount of detail above the mids and highs. Overall, a great sounding headphone for the price and features.

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