JBL Endurance Run 2 Review

JBL Endurance Run 2 Review

JBL is one of the most recognizable brands out there, and its audio products have always been consistent. They’re a mostly consumer name that implies a certain standard of quality. Sports headsets have been a big part of their catalog for many years, and the Endurance Run 2 might be one of the cheapest options they’ve offered. You don’t see a lot of wired options from JBL anymore, so this might be something to look out for if you’re looking for some simple earbuds.

What You Get

  • 1 x Endurance Run 2 Wired
  • 3 x Sizes of ear tips
  • 1 x Enhancer
  • 1 x Warranty / Warning
  • 1 x Safety Sheet / QSG

JBL Endurance Run 2 single

Look & Feel

As far as design goes, JBL is rarely one for aesthetics. The Run 2 is almost as simple as they come for wired earbuds, with its oval housing and short nozzle. What’s mildly interesting is the fact that the ear tips are actually two separate pieces of rubber that encase the entire body of the earbud. The Run 2 doesn’t have hooks, so this rubber part plays the part of making sure that the earbuds are secure when you’re moving around a lot. I also like that the surfaces of the earbuds are both magnetic, which keeps the cable from tangling.

JBL Endurance Run 2 cable


The Run 2 supplies an 8.2mm dynamic driver that you can get the most out of from any device.

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • IPX Rating: IPX5

JBL Endurance Run 2 pair


Seeing the price, and knowing what these earbuds are meant for, you’re probably not going to expect much from this soundstage. That’s why it’s surprising to hear the Run 2 sound so wide and eloquent. Obviously, this soundstage can’t match the expansive sound field that some ChiFi earbuds can accomplish even around this range. However, the Run 2 gives you a more than solid effort with its comprehensive imaging. You will start to hear certain layers overlap with heavier tracks, but for a pair of sports earbuds that kind of response is more acceptable.

Low End 

Sports earbuds should always provide a hefty amount of bass to preserve certain energy. JBL is always going to supply that no matter what type of earbuds they claim to be. That’s just their style of sound, and it’s always easy to enjoy. Of course, you’re not getting the greatest depth or detail retrieval from the Run 2, but it does its job of supplying fast and impactful low frequencies. It has all the punch you could want from a pair of budget earbuds, all while coming through with admirable clarity and texture.


It makes the most sense for a pair of sports earbuds from JBL to feature a V-shaped sound profile. There’s a bit more organization here compared to other cheap sports earbuds, but you’ll still mostly find the mids to be recessed. Vocals receive the most transparency and offer the most lively timbre from the mids aside from its low-mid extension.


It’s rare to find sports earbuds that feature ticks of high-end detail, but the Run 2 surprisingly gives you something to bite on. There’s a finished tail to each instrument that’s refreshing to hear. The treble stands out by not featuring a discernable roll-off, sustaining a textured presence throughout the mix.


For a pair of simple and extremely inexpensive wired sports earbuds, the JBL Endurance Run 2 is impressive. It meets the standard for JBL’s product line and improves it with its surprisingly good sound quality. It contains pretty much everything you could ask for in a cheap pair of sports earbuds, aside from being wireless.

The JBL Endurance Run 2 is available at Audio46.

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