JBL Live 100 Earphones Review

JBL Live 100 Earphones Review

I usually spend my day testing fancy, super-expensive headphones. But when I find a JBL product on my desk, I always breathe a sigh of relief; JBL is so consistent in delivering a well-built product with shamelessly huge bass, that I usually know what to expect before even listening. And considering JBL’s relatively low prices, I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed. So, what about JBL’s recent release, the Live 100, which boasts powerful sound with its 8mm drivers? Will it live up to JBL’s reputation for being the cheaper and better alternative to Beats by Dre? Let’s find out in this JBL Live 100 Earphones Review.

JBL Live 100 Earphones Review

IN the BOX

JBL Live 100 Earphones Review


No complaints in this department. Secure, comfortable and easy to pop in. The ear tips are slightly angled to more effectively fit in the contour of your ear. The seal was decent and even offered a little sound isolation. Who needs noise-cancelling? What a racket. You’ve got 3 different sized silicone tips to choose from, so unless your ear canals belong in a freak show, JBL has you covered.

JBL Live 100 Earphones Review JBL Live 100 Earphones Review


What I love most about JBL earphones and speakers is the quality and build for the price. The Live 100 offers a light, sleek and minimalist design with a fabric woven cable that minimizes tangles. The buds themselves are made from aluminum and the T-shaped connector looks solid.

The Live 100 comes with a mic and bare bones remote. One button will give you hands-free calling with an incompetent voice assistant. But you’ll just have to muster up the energy to control the volume from your phone. The good news is that call clarity is great for a pair of buds this cheap. So, if that’s all you’re using them for, it’s still a worthy investment. Call your mother.

For those who think black is boring, JBL offers the Live 100 in red, green, blue and white.

JBL Live 100 Earphones Review JBL Live 100 Earphones Review JBL Live 100 Earphones Review


It’s been a while since I listened to Beats earphones, but I’ll bet these JBL buds sound as good as Dre’s $120 model. Granted, that’s not saying a lot, but I’ll make the safe assumption that JBL spends proportionately less on branding. In true JBL fashion, the Live 100 gives you a deep and oozing bass that does true justice to JT, Britney and the rest. Don’t hate on Britney. She’s a legend. Certainly, if you listen to a lot of pop and hip-hop, the Live 100 is for you. But if you suffer from bass anxiety, you might want to look for another brand. Most rock fans will also like these earphones too. The fat low end makes rock choruses sound lush and super meaty. So, if you like a full-bodied sound, the Live 100 will suit your taste. Make no mistake, these buds have some serious power. But don’t expect too much in terms of clarity. The sound can be muddy at times when listening to acoustic instruments in the lower midrange, like guitars. But hey, it’s a $40 headphone. So, serious listeners of folk, jazz and classical probably should spend another 10 bucks and go for something more balanced and detailed, like the Final Audio E3000 (highly recommended).


Unless you’re in the market for a cable with volume control, few other brands can offer this kind of build quality for the price. For pop, hip-hop and rock, it’s a good bargain.

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Driver Size: 8mm Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz