JBL T205 Earbuds Review

JBL T205 Erabuds Review

So, you’re on a tight budget. Or maybe you just need something simple to get make your calls and get around the city. Can you get a decent sounding pair of earbuds for 30 bucks? Well, if you’re a bass-head, you might be in luck. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey of headphone discovery in this JBL T205 Earbuds Review.

JBL T205 Earbuds Review

IN the BOX – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

JBL T205 Earbuds

JBL Carrying Pouch

FIT and DESIGN – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

These earbuds don’t come with tips, but they are contoured much like the newer I-phone buds and fit easily in my ears. But if you usually have trouble with earbuds fitting, you might want to think twice before buying these, and get something with interchangeable tips. Because these earphones don’t have silicone tips, the noise isolation is close to zero. The cable is flat and therefore, mostly tangle free. It also has a mic and one button for call answering and play/pause. They look okay, and come in black, chrome, gold and rose gold.

SOUND – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

The sound on the T205 is pretty good for for $30. And they do better in the bass department than the Apple buds, which sell for the same price. The bass is deep, but it doesn’t thump as much as pricier JBL models. I expected these to sound very muddy, and although they might not be crystal clear, they’re decent. These buds are perfect for pop, hip-hop and EDM. The mids are okay, so rock sounds reasonably good too. I also made a test call, and it was very clear sounding.

SUMMARY – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

For the price, these earbuds get the job done. If you prefer a deep bass, I would definitely recommend these over the Apple buds. The fit isn’t perfect, but if the newer apple earphones fit you well, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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SPECIFICATIONS – JBL T205 Earbuds Review

Plug: 3.5mm

Dynamic Driver: 12.5 mm

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20kHz


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