JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones Review

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones

Relax. Take off your sports bras and jockstraps, and read the following: You have weird ear canals, and earbuds don’t seem to fit. Or perhaps you don’t like the wire that connects your “wireless earphones” together. And don’t even get me started on the EarPod you just lost in the sauna. Listen, don’t worry. Finally, there’s, an on-ear headphone for your clammy athletic ears. Let’s find out how these cans perform in this JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones Review.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones Review.

IN the BOX

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones


The headphones were tight at first, but after a few minutes of wear, I mostly forgot about them. It’s the same feeling I get after 10 sit-ups; it’s not comfortable, but the pain feels deserved. One thing’s for sure, they won’t fall off. Pole jumpers, go nuts.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train HeadphonesJBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones

Unlike leather ear pads, these ventilated pads kept my ears cool and sweat free. And for those of you who love doing laundry, the ear pads are removable and hand washable. So, don’t be a stinker.


These things look indestructible. If my boss wasn’t here, I’d place bets and kick them around for a bit; 2 non-alcoholic beers for anyone who can break them. And the nice fat buttons allow even the sweatiest paws to control the functions: volume, play/pause, skip, call answering and voice control.

They look damn cool too. Makes me think, “There’s a new pilot in town, and she’s taking the wheel of this stationary bicycle.”

What’s worse than listening to a weightlifter grunting? Not much. Luckily, the UA Sports Wireless Train does a great job at cancelling outside noise. One of the neatest things about these cans is the flashy, red UA button on the right side of the cup. Press it once, and it will turn down the music and noise cancellation, while letting in outside sound. “What’s that, honey? Your pec hurts?” Ugh, sorry… I’ve never felt this lazy in my life. Yoga isn’t happening tonight.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones

You’ve got 16 hours of battery life, which isn’t an incredibly long time, considering that other headphones of this caliber can last up to 30 hours. So, ultra-marathon runners, you’re out of luck. The good news is that they don’t take long to charge. In fact, you can get 1 hour of juice after only 5 minutes of charging. If you do run out of power, don’t freak out and stuff your face with kale. Just use the provided cable. It’s got a mic and remote, so you can call your friend at mile 5 to tell him how much you hate running.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones

They fold too.

JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones Review


Overall Impressions: Clean, tight, punchy and versatile. Perhaps not loud enough for punk rockers or folks with tinnitus.

These cans sound great. Although not as bassy some other JBL models out there, they still have JBL’s famous punchy feel. And for those out there with bass anxiety, don’t worry. The lower frequencies don’t dominate the mix.

In fact, it’s a clean and well-balanced sound that works well across all genres. Hip-hop sounds tight with no bullfreq, and pop has tons of snap too. Also, there’s enough protein in these cans to give rock songs that satiating fullness. I doubt you do any critical listening between sets, but rest assured that acoustic instruments have enough detail and separation to warrant the $200 price tag.

The soundstage was a nice surprise too. The imaging feels accurate and there’s a decent sense of spaciousness when listening to these cans. Golf clap.

The volume wasn’t a problem for me. However, if you blast your music to oblivion or honestly can’t hear what your wife is saying, the volume might be just a tad low for you. But for the remaining 80% of my readers, these headphones should have enough power to let you really rock.


I’m really into these JBL’s. A cool, rugged design and really decent sound that works across all genres. The only thing is, they feel tighter than a wrestler’s ass. But are you here to feel good or train hard?

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Driver: JBL 40mm dynamic

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Frequency response: 15 – 20,000 Hz

Battery life: 16 Hours

Battery charge time: fast

Connectors: Micro USB charge, 3.5mm jack for passive listening

Include: Micro USB charging cable, audio cable, hard shell case


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