Kennerton Releases New Rognir Closed-Back Planar

The Russian headphone manufacturer has been quite the talk here on MajorHiFi. They already have a new headphone to talk about, and it is now available at Audio 46. This is Kennerton’s first closed-back planar, aiming to deliver a similar sound to the likes of the Thror and Thekk. Here’s what you can look forward to with the limited edition Rognir headphones.

  1. Custom cable from a vintage litzendrat special series produced in the 40s of the last century with a 4-Pin Balanced XLR connector.
  2. Adapter with 4-Pin Balanced XLR to 6.3 mm TRS, made of the same material and the same technology as the cable.
  3. Wooden cups made exclusively from rare and expensive wood for you to choose from (without any extra charges).
  4. The headband in a new, improved design.
  5. Carbon planar driver of improved design with a reinforced kapton membrane, specially designed and created for closed-type planar headphones.


Driver Planar Magnetic
Driver Unit 80 mm
Frequency Response 10-55000 Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB
Impedance 42 Ohm
Cord length High quality 2 meters detachable copper cable 2 x mini-xlr / 6.3 mm)
Custom cable Custom litz cable 2 x mini-xlr / 4-pin balanced xlr
Adapter 4 pin balanced xlr / 6,3 TRS adapter

The Kennerton Rognir is available now for $3,429.99 at Audio 46.

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