Kinera Nanna Released!

Kinera Nanna Released faceplate and body

New from earphone manufacturer Kinera, the Nanna earphone will feature four drivers – including two electrostatics.  Going toe-to-toe with other hybrid models on the market, the new Kinera Nanna will retail for a highly-enticing $669.

Kinera Nanna Released

Since its debut in Hong Kong, the Nanna has been generating ample hype as an affordable electrostatic hybrid earphone.  Now headed for western markets, this new earphone will come in at under $700, making it more affordable than electrostatic earphones already established in that market.

Featuring four drivers, the Nanna uses a 7mm dynamic for the lows and a single BA driver for the midrange.  Two electrostatic drivers handle the highs.

Nominal impedance measures a fairly hefty 60 ohms.  And while that’s not as power-hungry as some over-ears, that’s still pretty beefy for an earphone.  Sensitivity measures  a fairly high 110 dB/mW while the frequency range has been rated at 5 Hz – 50kHz.

Like other Kinera models, the Nanna will utilize a 0.78 mm 2-pin connection type.

Kinera has a fairly strong history of offering budget-friendly earphones that still deliver rocking sound.  Whether we’re talking about the $37 Sif or their flagship, the $799 Odin, Kinera has rightfully earned their reputation for good, inexpensive earphones.

The Nanna will be available from US retailers in mid-September.  As mentioned, it will retail for $669.

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