After 2 Years, Konohazuk H3 Headphones are Finally Here!

Konohazuk H3 Eco-Friendly Headphones

A little over two years ago, a wooden headphone based out of Japan vowed to deliver quality audio all the while saving the planet with a pair of eco-friendly cans. The company launched a campaign to bring Konohazuk H3 headphones to life, however the campaign was closed later that year. But now, in 2018 the eco-friendly headphones are back and no longer a concept.

After 2 Years, Konohazuk H3 Headphones are Finally Here!

Despite a delay lasting two years, the Konohazuk H3 headphones appear to be the same as the concept that came before them. Comprised of Japanese beech wood found in Iwate Prefecture, Konohazuk headphone is a lightweight and sustainable option for music go-ers. As explained by Konohazuk, the selected wood is perfect for conducting sound and is also used in way that utilizes trees in a sustainable manner. The flexible headband is constructed out of thin sheets of wooden veneer that are gently applied in a curved shaped in order to fit any head size. Every ear-cup is carved precisely on a CNC machine and hand finished and polished. Memory foam ear pads covered in soft PU leather and stitched fabric provide extra comfort for wearers.

Considering almost the entire unit is made out of wood, you might be wondering how comfortable the pair of headphones could be. Besides the ear cushions, the ear cups and headband are connected via a flexible joint that slightly rotates the ear cups to take shape to any head. In terms of aesthetic, the precision cut pieces yield a minimal wood aesthetic that is simple yet polished. P.S. The wood is not polished.

If interested in a sustainable pair of headphones grab them here for $212 USD.

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Type: Closed-back, Dynamic
Earpad´╝Ü On-ear, PU leather
Driver: 40mm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Plug: L-type, 3.5mm
Cord length: 1.5m
Weight: 120g
Power Handling Capacity: 1000mW(IEC)

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