Koss Pro DJ200 Review

Koss Pro DJ200 Review

Koss headphones have a reputation for accuracy.  Whether you’re considering a PortaPro Classic or their latest wireless model, odds are you’re in for a pretty awesome time.  But for DJs, how well does the $99 DJ200 compete?

Koss Pro DJ200 Review

Koss Pro DJ200 Review

The Pro DJ200 comes in a heavy duty flat case, with a coiled and a straight cable, as well as a 1/4” stereo adapter.  There’s some decent padding on the headband and earpads, and the extenders are made from aluminum.  So while it is comfy, it also remains light.

The earcups fold in toward the headband for easy storage, but they also swivel 90 degrees to lay flat, or to be used for one-ear listening.  There’s a switch on the right earcup that allows the user to switch between mono and stereo sound.


Frequency Range:  10-25,000 Hz
Impedance:  38 Ohms
Volume:  99 dB SPL
Cable:  Coiled, Single Entry, 8 ft ; Straight, Single-Entry 4 ft KTC
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

As we can see from the specs, these headphones offer a fairly standard frequency range with an extended low end.  Volume is a little light, but still decent, and the nominal impedance is low enough to work fine with a smartphone or a computer.

Low End

As evidenced by the specs, there is a bit more of a low end to these headphones – pretty much what you would expect from a DJ headphone of any sort.  On the Pro DJ200, though, this low end is deep, with plenty of detail.   There’s some faint bleed in that low end, though.


Midrange on the DJ200 is decent, though a little too relaxed.  Vocals are spot-on, but instrumentation suffers from whatever compression or distortion is going on there.


The highs are good.  A little too piercing in places, but treble is well controlled in general.  Strings might sound thin (going back to that piercing sound), but female vocals don’t suffer in any way.


There’s a sense of placement to the music, thanks to the low end.  Placement seems tight and squeezed in, so large ensembles do suffer from the cramped spacing.  It might sound good while a few instruments are playing, but orchestras can’t fit inside these headphones.

Overall Impressions

The Koss Pro DJ200 is a relatively inexpensive DJ headphone with a luscious low end.  Although the mids and highs might have some problems, these headphones are still a strong performer for the price.  The fact that they are portable and come with a mic and remote is only icing on the cake.


If you’re looking for a professional headphone that offers an accurate listening experience (for, say, classical music), you might be better off with the Audio Technica ATH-M40x.  However, if you’re listening tastes predominantly include hip hop, rock, or EDM, the low end on the Koss Pro DJ200 makes this headphone a no-brainer.