Letshuoer EJ09 Review

Letshuoer EJ09 Review

Letshuoer has a slew of new products that we’ve been covering here on MajorHiFi and the latest item to get the spotlight is the EJ09. The Cadenza 12 was an impressive premium IEM, and now I’m checking out a price step down from that in the EJ09. These IEMs cost $1,299, so let’s see if they’re worthwhile.

Letshuoer EJ09 items

What You Get

  • Earphone
  • 0.78mm 2pin stock cable
  • Metallic carrying case
  • Warranty card
  • Operation instructions
  • Storage bag
  • Eartips

Letshuoer EJ09 single

Look & Feel

While the Cadenza gave you that unique silver design, the EJ09 takes on more of a familiar aesthetic that many IEMs bring. The EJ09’s style is very reminiscent of similar builds from Kinera or ThieAudio, with a similarly shaped shell and a glossy multicolored finish. I don’t mind this look, and I’ve praised the gorgeous design of these IEMs already. It’s a style that works, and you can always expect an ergonomic fit as well. This is very true for the EJ09, as it possesses both a flashy design and a comfortable fit.

Letshuoer EJ09 cable


The EJ09 has a tribrid driver configuration that combines a 10mm dynamic driver with 3 Knowles balanced armatures, 1 Sonion balanced armature, and quad electrostatic units. Its dynamic driver implements a liquid silicone fused kevlar dome, which aims to enhance the treble response and deliver significant bass too. A five-way crossover helps organize this array of drivers to deliver a cohesive signal flow.

Letshuoer EJ09 pair


After hearing the Cadenza, I knew Letshuoer could deliver on its soundstage, but the EJ09 really blew me away. For even less, the EJ09 gives you an engrossing bubble of spatial imaging. In this bubble, the EJ09 is able to communicate the tremendous depth and a wingspan that feels like it leaks right out of the shell. Each instrument is granted an easily identifiable position in the mix, separate from competing elements in a similar zone. All of the layers are stacked gracefully with enough space in between the performances to give you a feeling of dimension to the sonic environment. What the EJ09 does best is it reveals the distance between these elements, as every sound is given a proper origin in the soundstage. This expands the height of the stage, as well as the headspace of the image. Everything feels open and free to move as the soundstage never appears locked into one specific place. This can affect accuracy, but it definitely enhances immersion to an incredible extent.

Low End

This might not be the hardest-hitting bass, but it has a rich presence to offer. You get a clear sub-bass rumble with a sizable tone and a smooth surface, but the response is definitely more laid back. Transients arrive slowly, but the lows express some great dynamics. While the bass is never the star of the show, the EJ09 still delivers some exciting resonance that paints the frequency range with tons of flavor. It grows from the bottom and comes up to the surface with admirable vigor, but the focus is more on texture than it is on impact.


It’s easy to make sense of the EJ09’s midrange. The low-mids take a bit of a backseat, but the fundamental and upper-midrange frequencies show great detail. There’s strong articulation to each instrument, and they appear with an underlining crispness in the upper mids. Most of the emphasis will take place here, with vocals and instruments supplying you with enhanced precision in each individualized note. Vocals stand out the most in this response, as they push forward with a great command for increased presence. The weight of each note isn’t as highlighted, but you still get a sense of liveliness in their timbre.


The EJ09 has an immaculate treble response that brings a ton of height and air to the sound signature. It avoids overwhelming brightness and only concentrates the tone on bringing the most texture to the mix. Hi-hats have a glistening sizzle to them, and female vocals have a noticeable shimmer that really accentuates the performance. It brings a ton of character to your tracks, but it’s always balanced with the rest of the sound signature. I love a sparkly high-end timbre, and the EJ09 delivers that in droves. Ambient tracks were the highlight to me, as each effect contained a shimmering resonance that put me in immersive bliss.


After hearing the Cadenza, I wasn’t expecting something on the same level, but I think the EJ09 even goes beyond it. So much about its sound is so effortlessly enjoyable, and it contains some of the characteristics found in some of my favorite IEMs. Its soundstage and imaging are highly immersive, and its midrange and treble are both details and colorful. The bass is relaxed but also delivers some great texture, and nothing feels like it’s being held back. It’s even got the look down, even if I think it’s a little too reminiscent of other IEMs. However, it works, and not every set of IEMs needs to look dramatically different from the other. Overall, I think the EJ09 is fantastic, and one of the best models I’ve heard so far from Letshuoer.

The Letshuoer EJ09 is available at Audio46.

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