Fly Lufthansa & Receive HARMAN AKG N60 NC Headphones


European travelers book your next vacay with Lufthansa and get a pair of aviation-certified HARMAN AKG N60 NC noise-cancelling headphones.


Lufthansa and HARMAN AKG N60 NC

Being locked in an aircraft with a hundred plus other people – crying babies included – can be a bit frustrating, especially for long periods of time. However, Lufthansa is making sure to keep their business class happy by providing passengers with the award-winning AKG N60 NC noise-cancelling headphones – retailing at $250.

“Whether enjoying movies, music, games, or any of Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment offerings, business cabin passengers will enjoy a luxurious and immersive audio experience through HARMAN’s award-winning AKG headphones,” said EVP and President of the HARMAN Lifestyle Audio Division, Michael Mauser.


The AKG N60 NC is of a plastic build. The headband is covered in plush leather. The ear cushions are also made of plush leather and stuffed with memory foam for superior comfort. The chassis is a minimalist design that is pretty sleek – especially with an aluminum trim around the ear cups.

The AKG N60 NC, released last September, has been tweaked for in-flight usage – taking into account the usual disruptive noises on a flight as well as train. Premium material such as aluminum, memory foam, and leather provide a lightweight, comfortable, and collapsible frame for a pleasurable listening experience.

HARMAN is also providing a warranty to repair or replace the AKG N60 NC for passengers experiencing issues with the noise-cancelling headphones.


Speaking on the partnership, Mauser added, “This is the first initiative in what we expect will be a long-term partnership with Lufthansa, to provide future HARMAN connected technologies to equip the organization and their passengers.”

Lufthansa will provide AKG N60 NC noise-cancelling headphones for a term of five years on their flights serving 316 destinations in 101 countries on four continents.

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