MEE Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual Driver IEM Review

MEE M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver IEM

The battle for the best affordable in-ear monitor continues and the latest contender to throw their hat in the ring is MEE Audio with their M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver IEM. The M7 is the next step up from their wildly popular IEM the M6 and uses both dynamic and balanced armature drivers to give it an edge over other similarly priced earphones. But does the hybrid dual-driver formula really work or is it another attempt to get consumers to shell out cash? I’ve got a pair of the new M7 IEMs and I’m about to find out how they sound and if they’re worth the money.

MEE Audio M7 PRO Review


MEE Audio rarely disappoints when it comes to bringing the goods. The M6 PRO was a deluxe package and its’ predecessor the M7 PRO IEM is certainly no different. Inside the box with every M7 PRO IEM you’ll get the following.

  • M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver In-Ear Monitors
  • Stereo Audio Cable (detachable MMCX)
  • Stereo Headset Cable (detachable MMCX)
  • Carry Case
  • Foam Eartips (2 pairs)
  • Silicone Eartips (5 pairs)
  • Shirt Clips (2)
  • 1/4″ (6.3mm) adapter
  • User Manual

Again, the MEE Audio M7 PRO is the total deluxe package. It’s like buying a new car and getting the wheels, sun roof and embroidered floor mats for free. A really nice deal so far. And for less than $150.

“The MEE Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual Driver IEM is a deluxe package”


Design / Style / Durability

MEE Audio has a way with in-ear monitors. Somehow they’ve managed to make IEM’s like the M7 PRO more durable than other manufacturers at a fraction of the cost. From the strong audio cables to the earphone housings themselves, the M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver IEM is a tough piece of gear that’s built to stand daily use by musicians and everyday audiophiles. The detachable MMXC connector design is priceless giving you the ability to change out a bad cable without replacing everything. And the design of the M7 PRO is quite modern. The see-through clear casing is an attractive and professional look that will have people asking… where did you get that IEM? Overall, the design, style and durability of the MEE Audio M7 PRO matches and exceeds that of the M6 PRO. And MEE Audio backs that quality with a “Lifetime Replacement” policy on the new M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver IEM. According to the MEE Audio website if your headphones get “crushed, shredded, fried or simply left behind” they will give you a new pair at half price. Of course there are a few reasonable restrictions but this is an incredible way to back your product. Please see the Mee Audio website for full details. Nice job MEE Audio!

Fit / Comfort

The fit of the MEE Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver in-ear monitor is very similar to the M6 PRO. With 7 different tips to choose from you can find the best fit for the best isolation possible. The earphone housing rests comfortably in the inner-ear and the moldable over ear wire allows you to get the perfect over-ear fit. The M7 PRO is designed to stay in the ear no matter how active the user. Perfect for stage musicians as well as travelling and sport.


The main feature of the M7 PRO IEM is the “Hybrid Dual-Driver” technology. If you’re not familiar with a hybrid design it’s simple. Inside each of the M7 PRO earphones is 1 dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature driver. While dynamic drivers are best at bass… the balanced armature driver excels at high frequency. So the idea is to get the best of both by combining them into 1 IEM covering the spectrum from top to bottom. The overall frequency response of the M7 PRO IEM is 10Hz to 20kHz and has a fairly low impedance at only 16 Ohms making it possible to get good levels in noisy on-stage situations.


Sound Signature

The sound is really what the all new M7 PRO is about. The combination of dynamic and balanced armature into a hybrid earphone is not something new but it usually comes at an added cost. Typically more than the $150 price tag of the M7 PRO. So how does the MEE Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver in-ear monitor stand up to the test? I’ll break it down into the three main categories… bass, mids and highs.

MEE M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver Frequency Response


The bass in the M7 PRO is perfect. The original M6 PRO is more of a balanced IEM and lacked a little bit of that push in the low end that some listeners want. The M7 PRO on the other hand pushes strong, balanced bass giving music a more moving and emotional feel. The dynamic driver definitely did the trick.


The mids on the M7 PRO are good. It’s not quite where I’d like it to be but it’s definitely not bad. Because the drivers are focused on the lowest bass and highest frequencies the mids should be strong but could be a little more focused. The truth is I don’t like too much mid range as our ears are most sensitive to this range. It’s better to have dialed back mids rather than to push painful levels of 1kHz – 3kHz so I’m not disappointed here.


The high-frequencies in the M7 PRO IEM are excellent. I found a crispness to my music that a lot of dynamic driver earphones tend to miss. Combined with the bass and mids, the sound really comes together. I also noticed that the M7 PRO responded especially well to digitally recorded music especially in the high end.


Summarizing my experience with the new MEE Audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver in-ear monitor for musicians I’d say it was a pleasant one. Seeing MEE Audio come out with another high-quality durable IEM reinforces my confidence in this company that continues to bring hard hitting products to the headphone market. The M7 PRO IEM is a well crafted piece of electronics that is sturdy and excels in the bass and high frequencies. Overall, for the price of just under $150, the M7 PRO is a nice step up from the M6 PRO. It’s especially attractive because of it’s incredible bass response and hi-res clarity on the top end. It’s a great IEM for the price and you can’t beat the promise of “Lifetime Replacement“.

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MEE M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver Musicians IEM


Driver Type: Dynamic + Armature Hybrid
Bass Driver: 10mm Movin Coil (Dynamic)
Mid-range / Treble Driver: Balanced Armature
Combined Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Sensitivity: 96+/-3dB (1mW @ 1kHz)
Cable Length: 130 cm (51 in)

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