Perfect For Working Out – SmartOmi HOOP Wireless Headphones Review

SmartOmi HOOP Wireless Headphones

Designated as the American Amazon wireless headset category leader, SmartOmi is making a name for themselves on the e-commerce platform with their black-on-black wireless solutions. Their latest headset is cable-free and sweat proof. Meet SmartOmi HOOP.

Meet SmartOmi HOOP Wireless Headphones Review


The headphones are shipped in a cardboard box printed with the SmartOmi logo, model, and an image of half of the headphone. When you open the box, you’ll find your headphones nestled in a plastic molding along with a detachable audio cable (sans remote and mic) along with a microUSB charging cable.

Build & Design

These headphones surprised when I took them out of the box. That’s because they feel incredibly tough to the touch. They are solid and are definitely built to last. But, don’t confuse sturdy for uncomfortable. SmartOmi HOOP features an ultra flex headband that allows for easy placement of your ear cups either in front of or behind your ears (if you’re a DJ). There’s also really soft leather stuffed padding on the underbelly of the headband. The headband is shaped like an oval on it’s side which means when wearing HOOP, the headphone will stick out from the side of your head just a little above your temples.

The ear cushions aren’t as soft as the padded headband, but a sturdier type of plush faux leather with a tougher form of inner padding. The ear cushions sit nice and snug over my ears which creates a decent seal.

SmartOmi HOOP Wireless Headphones


Like other wireless headphones, SmartOmi HOOP allows users to control their music from buttons on the side of both ear cups. The buttons aren’t super polished-looking, but they aren’t super flimsy either. They get the job done. This tough exterior is so to keep the headphones sweat proof, I assume, with a water resistant rating of IPX4. The headphones have a 16 hour run time and take about 1 hour to charge.


The sound, like the build, is surprisingly good. The bass thumps pretty nicely with more depth than I was expecting. It’s quite deep and smooth. However, I’d like a bit more accuracy, but I don’t think you can’t complain when the cans cost $65. The bass is overall smooth with a nice bit of depth. Mids are relaxed, but could use a bit more accuracy and clarity. Highs can get a bit tinny at higher volumes and frequencies.

Overall Performance

For $65 SmartOmi HOOP feels like it’s a decent set of wireless cans. Factor in that it is sweat proof, I’m going to call this headset a winner. HOOP has quite a bit to offer all the while cutting the wire. The overall sound is good and pleasing to the ear.


Bluetooth 4.1
Water Resistant Rating IPX4
Voice Assistant Activation (Siri, Google Now)
Dimension: 170 X 200 X 75mm
Speaker diameter: 40 mm
Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Built-in battery: 450mAh
Operating Voltage: 3.7V
Low Power Indication Voltage: 3.4V
Charging Connector: Micro USB Interface
Extra Audio Input Interface: 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Net Weight: 189g (6.67 oz)

If you’d like to give SmartOmi HOOP a shot (get it?!) head on over to Amazon and get ’em on sale now.

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