Meet Verve TWS Earbuds, Truly Wireless

There is no shortage of truly wireless earbuds headed to the market. Meet on of the latest to drop, Verve TWS earbuds.

Meet Verve TWS Earbuds, Truly Wireless

Designed with a frame similar to that of Bragi The Headphone, Verve TWS earbuds have a very sleek-looking exterior. The tiny earpieces are shaped like a small and wide cylinder with an earbud sticking out of it. The buds are fashioned with an ergonomic design to create a tight fitting seal for enabling passive noise cancellation. This way you can focus on your music.

From my understanding, the buds feature a single multifunction button for pausing and playing your music, as well as switching back and forth between tracks. When it comes to commuting this feature is ideal. The buds are also optimized for fitness buffs featuring a sweat resistant exterior. So feel free to give it all you got!

The battery life on the Verve TWS earbuds mirror many of its competitors, offering 2 hours of talk time and 1.5 hours of music playback while taking around 2 hours to fully rejuice. However, the buds include a portable charging case to keep the tunes pumping. Unfortunately at this time, I’m unsure of how many charges are available in the case.

The truly wireless earbuds are said to provide great sounding audio. Each earpiece holds 6mm drivers that resonate over a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz on an impedance of 16 ohms.

These buds can be snagged on Kickstarter for $49 before they retail for $119. Orders will include a portable charging case, a micro USB charger, and 2 different size silicone tips. Shipping begins in May 2017.

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