MEZE 12 Classics V2 Review

With how well-regarded MEZE is in both their IEMs and over-ear headphones, it’s easy to forget how limited their selection is. If you’re in the audiophile world, MEZE will be a familiar name, but if you’re more of a casual listener who’s happy with a simple pair of buds, you probably haven’t heard of them. MEZE is looking to change that notion with the 12 Classics V2 earphones. The Rai Solo is a great option for audiophiles on a budget, but these 12 Classics seem to be meant for listeners who need something quick and affordable that has a fine sound. They’ll only set you back $69, but recently there have been quite a few affordable IEMs like the Tripowin TC-01 that have made a strong impression on me. There’s a lot more competition than expected here, but can MEZE make an impact here?

MEZE contents

What You Get

  • MEZE 12 Classics V2 earbuds
  • Carrying case
  • 1 set of silicone ear tips
  • 2 sets of double flange ear tips
  • Booklet

MEZE in hands

Look and Feel

MEZE has done an admirable job making a simple earbud look classy and distinct. It’s a small housing, with the ear tips almost evenly matching its size. Even though the shell seems too small to be worth looking over, but there is actually an impressive amount of craftsmanship involved with the V2. The body is made out of walnut wood, with an anodized copper shell casing making up the faceplate and spout. It’s a fashionable and consistent design, and I’m happy MEZE put this much thought into a more consumer-based product. In terms of the fit, the V2 sport your standard level of comfortability. The ear tips do a majority of the work keeping the housing secure as it floats above your ear canal. 

MEZE Ear tips


As the outer shell, the inside of the V2 features a respectable amount of value and ingenuity. It uses an 8mm titanium coated driver and copper-clad voice coil meant for producing that natural sound that a lot of MEZE products utilize. The V2 uses a non-detachable OFC cable, and to my surprise, doesn’t feature a remote/microphone. With the type of earbuds that MEZE is presenting, and also considering the price, it’s odd for them not to include such an important feature. Otherwise, this cable sports a nice, thick sleeve that seems durable and prevents annoying entanglements. 

MEZE wrapped


This is a set of earbuds that you will have no problem plugging into your phone or laptop for a sufficient level of volume. The V2 was a 3.5mm termination and comes with no other adapters, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you wanted to use these earbuds with a newer phone or laptop model. Man, I miss headphone jacks.

MEZE logo


I wasn’t expecting the V2 to have a great stage by any means, so I appreciated the level of width the stage had. Nothing about it blew me away, but the extension of the left and right channels felt natural, even if the response treaded in a more linear sound field. The imaging is presented with an admirable amount of separation between sound elements, clearly organized in their appropriate positions, respecting pan movement feel. I could have used a bit more height here to really give this soundstage a wow factor, but for the price, it should make most happy.

Low End

While the V2 pushes some ample bass, it struggles so really give the timbre a sufficient amount of lift. It’s odd because the bass is the first characteristic you’re probably going to hear on the V2, as it is hard for it not to make an impression on you. The response is certainly impactful and uses some nice extension into the sub-bass for that extra flavor, but I don’t think it ever really comes to form. What you get is a myriad of low-end tones that feel deep but unsolidified, and it makes the timbre appear a little less clear.


Most of my surprise was kept for the midrange, as I felt the frequencies were much more articulate here. This is where I really got a feel for where every instrument was in the sound spectrum, as they showed a greater amount of clarity than the lows. The mids are brought a bit forward, and it really helps make the tonality appear more full even when they lack weight. The biggest standout here is vocals. Every vocal track I played with on the V2 showcased a level of detail I didn’t expect out of this type of earbud. They’re given some great space and sound focused, bringing that solidity I wanted from the bass. 


Even with some pleasant textures, the highs are a bit too quiet and rolled-off for me. Not that I like my treble piercing, but I would have enjoyed some greater emphasis to make those sparkly textures not appear as thin. With that being said, this is an exceptionally digestible high-end, with some light air added. 


MEZE has crafted an affordable set of earbuds for fans of their naturally rich sound signature. Some elements are a bit lost in translation, but for what they are, there isn’t really anything like them available right now. The build quality shows you how much attention MEZE puts into crafting each of their products and they have my respect for that. There are some options with more extended bass and a more consistent timbre like the Strauss and Wagner EM205, but the V2 still holds its own if you’re looking for something more natural. If you happen to come across them and picking them up not having any prior knowledge of MEZE, I think you’ll get a lot out of them. Especially if you’re a more casual listener who prefers a simple wired connection. 

Pros and Cons

Pros: Style, Build quality, Wide stage, Clear mids

Cons: No remote or microphone for cable

The MEZE 12 Classics V2 is available at Audio 46.

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