Meze Reveals New Headphone & IEM At High-End Munich

As the High-End Munich audio exhibition begins, Meze Audio takes this opportunity to show us an early look at what we can expect from them this year. The show starts on the 9th and goes until the 12th of this month, but Meze has already revealed what they’ll be presenting. A new set of dynamic open-back headphones and new IEMs have been fully revealed, and will also be on display at the show.

Both of these products are new versions of products they’ve launched in the past. The headphones are called the 105 AER, and they follow the design of the 109 Pro. Their new IEMs also follow a previous model, as the new ALBA follows the ADVAR. These new products also aim to be less expensive versions of the items they’re following.

105 AER

Meze Audio listened to a lot of community feedback when the 109 Pro launched. The 105 AER hopes to address that feedback, offering a more affordable companion to the 109 Pro. At $400, the 105 AER is Meze’s most affordable open-back headphones to date. While it shares a similar structure to the 109 Pro, the 105 does modify its design a bit. The V-shaped double headband and velour earpads are unchanged, but it’s the driver that will sport the biggest differences. It’s a similar 50mm dynamic unit, but the 105 forgoes the beryllium coating of its surround. Instead, the surround is made of PEEK polymer, and the frame is made of ABS instead of aluminum.

These new driver properties are sure to influence the headphone’s sound signature quite a bit. Meze’s engineering team aims to achieve an emotionally engaging sound in their tuning process. One that also pairs easily with any device, so you won’t have to worry about supplying the headphones with enough power. A big soundstage and good spatial imaging will be a focus of the 105 AER, as well as slightly relaxed high frequencies and increased bass.


•Transducer: Dynamic, 50 mm diameter
•Impedance: 42 Ohm
•Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 25 kHz
•Sensitivity: 112 dB SPL at 1KHz, 1 mW
•Earcups: ABS plastic
•Weight: 336 gr


Translating to the Romanian phrase for “The First Light,” Meze looks at the ALBA as the perfect entry point for their sound. This is now one of their most budget-friendly products, sitting at a $149 price point. It shares many similarities to the ADVAR, but the ALBA uses new materials like zinc alloy and anodized aluminum. It also switched the connectors from MMCX to 2-pin. The new color finish also makes the ALBA resemble the look of a lustrous pearl. Some new accessories, like a custom-made USB-C adapter with its own DAC/Amp, will also be included.


•Driver: 10.8 mm Dynamic Driver
•Frequency Range: 15 Hz-25 kHz
•Impedance: 32 Ω at 1kHz
•SPL: 109 dB SPL/V at 1kHz
•Distortion: <0.1% at 1kHz

The Meze Audio ALBA and 105 AER will be available this summer from Audio46.

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