Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone Review

Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone Review

Mixcder has updated their best-selling E7 model for 2019. They’ve upgraded from Bluetooth V4.2 to V5.0 and improved the noise reduction chip to the same one used in their more expensive E10 model. And most importantly….colors! In addition to standard black, you can choose from “Twilight Orange” (looks peach to me) and “Mint Green” if prefer to draw attention to yourself.

Mixcder E7 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone Review


The E7 features a 25-hour battery life and quick charge time. 5 minutes should get you two hours of playtime. The earpieces feature Mixcder’s signature soft artificial protein material, and the headband is made of the same. The rest of the cans are covered in a rubbery finish that is very pleasing to my hands.

mixcder e7 active noise cancelling wireless headphones with box and accessories

The headphones are very comfortable on the head, and like Mixcder’s other products (even the much cheaper HD901s) feel delicate and unobtrusive on the ears. I like the layout of the buttons as well, they are big and spaced far apart. No chance of accidentally hitting the wrong one.

The Bluetooth V5.0 connection is twice as fast as V4.2, and the difference is clear. They also come with a 3.5mm cable for the purists like myself, but I didn’t experience many Bluetooth dropouts.

mixcder e7 active noise cancelling wireless headphones carrying case
The E7’s come with a sturdy black carrying case.

The second-generation ANC chip claims a 96% percent reduction in ambient low frequency ranges. This means the rumblings of trains, planes, automobiles… even noisy fans and AC units.

Walking down the streets of NYC, the headphones make good on this claim. The noise reduction works great against heavy sounds. Human voices and higher sounds will still come through, but if your primary concern is the sounds of the train or subway, these should work wonders.

mixcder e7 active noise cancelling wireless headphones button layout

However, the active noise cancellation does sacrifice some low end from the music in order to purge those frequencies from the environment. Bass and drum sounds in particular lose their body. The sounds are still there, but the low-cut effect is quite noticeable.


The sound of these headphones is good, if a bit on the airy side. The low end isn’t crazy powerful, especially when you bring in the noise cancelling circuit. You really have to crank the volume to get any sense of oomph.

The midrange is tucked in slightly, which probably aids with the noise cancellation. Once the reduction circuit activates, all the sound squeezes into the upper range, which is an effective way to still hear everything, but a bit odd-sounding.

I don’t want to knock these cans too harshly. They do sound good… especially for the price. If you crank the volume (and leave noise reduction off), the fullness of the bass becomes more apparent.

But there is a definite lean towards the highs and the upper-mids, which gives everything a clean and crispy kind of sound. The de-emphasis on the low-mids means that nothing punches very hard, but the highs are handled smoothly.

mixcder e7 active noise cancelling wireless headphones artificial protein earmuff
The artificial protein material stays comfortable during long listening sessions.

The highest frequencies manage to stay natural sounding, even with the noise reduction cutting out the low end. Cymbals especially, which are usually in danger of being altered by high-end emphasis, sound crisp and natural. And while nothing sounds hugely rich or deep, the stereo spread delivers.


Mixcder’s E7 provides clean sound and effective noise reduction (especially for commuters) at a reasonable price. That’s really all there is to it. They are very comfortable to wear and after all, who doesn’t love mint green?

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